The more things change… — a look at the Khorne Bloodbound release

It has been a while since I last posted a review focusing on a new GW release, and I intend to change that today. Considering current RL circumstances, I hope you’ll bear with me when I choose something fairly close to my heart to get back into the swing of things. So let’s talk about the new Khorne Bloodbound kits today:

Khorne Bloodbound release (1)
Followers of the blood god really can’t complain: With every WFB or AoS chaos release, we have received a substantial addition to our toy box. I am quite aware that many non-Khornate chaos fans are rolling their eyes by now, seeing how Khorne seems to be getting all the love. And indeed, Khorne seems to be GW’s preferred fallback position whenever a new chaos release rolls around. For Age of Sigmar, this means that the Bloodbound have not only been elevated to a proper sub-faction, but they have also been the focus of the first wave of new chaos kits released for the revamped system. And while the Stormcast Eternals seem like GW’s attempt at radically re-envisioning the Empire by way of the Space Marines, the new Khorne kits hew far closer to the “traditional” chaos look. So, what do we get? Let’s take a look at each of the new kits in turn and also consider some of the possible conversion options. So sharpen your axe and step this way, please πŸ˜‰



Khorne Bloodbound release (4)
Well, this was certainly a pleasant surprise, seeing how Skarbrand has been on hobbyists’ short list to finally receive a proper model for quite a while now. So here he is — can the model live up to all the expectations?

It’s quite obvious that the Skarbrand kit allows GW to get some more mileage out of those Bloodthirster designs they must have done prior to the release of the new plastic kit, as there is an overall similarity in design between Skarbrand and the stock Bloodthirsters (both share the spiky butt cheeks, for one πŸ˜‰ ). On the other hand, the new model deviates from the prior kit in several ways: There’s the very different pose, of course, making Skarbrand look like he’s taking a moment to bellow in rage at the enemy. In fact, the pose is really rather excellent and one of my favourite parts about the model: While it does maintain some forward momentum, it really adds some presence to the character. And it also works rather beautifully with the twin axes wielded by Skarbrand.

Khorne Bloodbound release (5)

The other very noticeable thing about the model, and one of the aspects that define the character, is the pair of tattered, torn wings. And I think GW’s designers have done a rather nice job on this particular part of the model:

Khorne Bloodbound release (7)
Keeping most of the bones intact and limiting the damage to the wing membranes was a pretty good move, if you ask me: The design avoids the lopsided look you see on many Skarbrand conversions. Andwhile the wings still have a vestigial, damaged look to them, they do add some presence to the model. I also like the idea of having spiked chains between the bones: Is that some kind of additional torture, one has to wonder, or Skarbrand’s own attempt at making his damaged wings more presentable…?

The model also has some rather heavy scarring on the right side of the face. Let’s not get into the metaphysics of this too much (do daemons have bones in the first place? Aren’t they just warp energies given form…?), and rather focus on the actual design: While I like the broken horns, the flayed face may just be a bit much. Then again, I love how the ‘Eavy Metal team chose to paint the right eye as white and – possibly – blind:

Khorne Bloodbound release (9)
And there’s the beard, of course. I’ll be honest with you: I am not a fan. But it should be easy enough to just leave it off or use it as a braid of hair on virtually any big model, so I’ll let it slide.

Khorne Bloodbound release (11)
The twin axes are very nice and daemonic in design — the organic aspect really fits for a Greater Daemon, and I also like how they are far shorter and more hatchet-like than the axes the stock Bloodthirster gets. And while they are pretty ornate, they still seem workmanlike enough to work, from a visual standpoint. They also rather beautifully complement Skarbrand’s pose, as mentioned above.

And one more thing that differentiates Skarbrand from the stock Bloodthirster: a (mostly) custom set of armour plates, giving us yet another set of options for our Bloodthirsters’ wardrobes πŸ˜‰

Khorne Bloodbound release (10)The armour looks great, too — I’ll even forgive that one skull playfully wedged into the eye socket of a skull ornament, there πŸ˜‰ Anyway, the slightly more ornate look seems fitting for a daemon that used to be one of Khorne’s most exalted champions.

Seen on its own, the model is really cool and makes for a fitting centre piece for every Khornate army — the fact that it doubles as both an AoS and a 40k release is a nice bonus, of course.

Things really get interesting, however, when taking a closer look at the Skarbrand sprue: In additon to the actual parts needed to build Skarbrand, you also get a fair bit of stock Bloodthirster parts in the box:

Khorne Bloodbound release (14)
Khorne Bloodbound release (13)
For the record, you get the alternate pair of legs, two alternate heads and most of the weapons of the stock ‘Thirster. The undamaged wings, alternate armour pieces, third head and two-handed axe seem to be unaccounted for, though.

In any case, this should allow you to build either Skarbrand or your own, custom Bloodthirster, with additional parts from the stock kit multiplying the options even further, right? Well, yes and no: While you can make some changes to Skarbrand and use some of Skarbrand’s parts on your stock Bloodthirster, the kits are unfortunately not 100% compatible. Fellow hobbyist Khorga informs me that the running legs, for instance, are not really compatible with Skarbrand’s custom armour, while the amour plates from the stock kit, in turn, don’t fit together too well with Skarbrand’s standing legs. At the same time, depending on which pair of arms you use, the shape of the wing sockets on the model’s back will change accordingly, so not every set of arms will work with both sets of wings. While this shouldn’t present accomplished converters with any unsolvable problems, it would still have been nice to have all the parts compatible with one another — or even to have a kit that will make Skarbrand and all of the three stock ‘Thirster variants? Granted, that may have been to much wishlisting. But with today’s kits being so meticulously planned, it seems like having all the parts fit together wouldn’t have been that much more complicated for the designers.

Another piece of criticism frequently leveled at Skarbrand (as well as the stock Bloodthirsters, for that matter) is the models’ size: Quite a few hobbyists feel that these beasts should be quite a bit bigger. I am honestly not as bothered by the size issue, though: I think GW’s designers have managed to imbue both Skarbrand and his brethren with a sense of presence and brutality that makes them look as though they could go toe to toe with an Imperial Knight and still come out on top. If there is one size issue that bothers me, it’s that Skarbrand used to be the most powerful of Khorne’s Bloodthirsters, yet he’s about half the size of this guy…? Talk about a pint-sized powerhouse, right there! πŸ˜‰

Khorne Bloodbound release (12)But that’s not really a major concern, and in spite of such minor quibbles, what we have here is a rather stunning model, and possibly the star of this release. Would I have enjoyed a huge multi-optional kit for Skarbrand and each of the ‘Thirster variants? You bet! But this is what we get, and it’s still pretty great, if you ask me.


Exalted Deathbringer

Khorne Bloodbound release (15)
Whoa, that’s a pretty big guy, isn’t he? One of the new Khornate characters is quite interesting in how the model seems to blur the line between mortal and immortal servant of Khorne: He’s not quite a daemon yet, but also no longer purely mortal either. At the same time, the overall look of the model did remind me of a souped-up version of the priest from the warshrine kit.

Anyway, I like the model well enough, mostly for the excellent detail work adorning both the armour and the bare skin of the piece. I also really like that bestial face!

Khorne Bloodbound release (21)
If I have one gripe, the weapons seem a tad too gimmicky for my taste: That axe is just a bit too cumbersome, maybe, and definitely an acquired taste, for one. And it really wouldn’t make any sense to have skull trophies dangling from there, would it…?

Beyond that, the only thing that really doesn’t sit well with me is that topknot — in fact, the quickest way to make the model look much cooler would be to either significantly shorten the topknot…

Khorne Bloodbound release (17)
…or lose it altogether:

Khorne Bloodbound release (18)
In fact, without a topknot, the model looks like an even more grimdark version of Darkness from the seminal fantasy flick Legend. I wonder if that was intentional…?

A look at the sprue reveals that the model is versatile enough to allow for at least some customisation:

Khorne Bloodbound release (22)
Want to make your Deathbringer look less daemonic and more human? Just drop the stock head and swap in something more marauder-y. Need the claw or the axe for a different model? The world’s your oyster! And by the same token, it should also be possible to swap in an alternate set of weapons for use on the Deathbringer. The fairly open pose of the model should make converting it very easy.

All in all, I rather like this guy. He may not be super-original, but he does explore GW’s usual chaos look from a slightly new angle by blending mortal and daemonic characteristics. Plus the model’s versatility is really nice. Probably my favourite of the new Khornate plastic characters!



Khorne Bloodbound release (23)Hmm, now this is an interesting case… Let’s not get into the fact that this guy doesn’t really all that much like a priest to begin with —
because you might argue that Khorne is not a deity to be worshipped at a temple or church, but rather through the act of war itself. What instantly struck me about the model is that it does look fairly different from what we are used to — in fact, it doesn’t even really look like a GW model, does it? My immediate reaction was that it seemed like a piece from a different manufacturer (Rackham comes to mind, or the designs you would see in Dark Age.

Sure, it does have enough Khorne symbols and skulls on it to convince us that it does indeed belong. But there are parts of it that really recall several other manufacturers: a certain lankiness when it comes to the model’s proportions, the design of the face…

Khorne Bloodbound release (24)
In fact, I really rather like the face, to be honest. And the fact that the model doesn’t immediately read as standard GW fare doesn’t have to be a problem in and of itself, of course! I just cannot shake the feeling that this guy doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the family…

Beyond that, it’s certainly a cool looking model! Once again, the detailing is amazing all around:

Khorne Bloodbound release (25)
There’s a dubious design decision or two, though: Why have those horns emerge from the model’s spine? Why have them at all, if you don’t want them on the head? Wouldn’t that be really impractical (and rather uncomfortable as well)?

Anyway, a closer look at the sprue shows that the model might be slightly less flexible when it comes to conversions, but much of that has to do with the specific pose and the two-handed weapon, of course:

Khorne Bloodbound release (26)All in all, I have to admit that I haven’t yet made up my mind regarding this guy: He does stick out a bit, yet there’s also something interesting about the model’s different style that I find rather intriguing. Hmm…




Khorne Bloodbound release (27)
Ah, here we are, back in far safer territory. As a matter of fact, it’s actually rather surprising that it took GW as long as this to make the connection between Khorne and some blacksmith, forge god archetypes. But here we are at last: The Blood God’s very own sinister blacksmith. Huzzah! πŸ™‚

Where the Slaughterpriest almost seemed like a non-GW model, the Skullgrinder looks oddly familiar. But then, it has so many hallmarks of GW’s Khornate design: the bunny eared helmet (with a lovely, somewhat perplexed, expression, if you asked me). The heavy armour. The dangling skulls and icons.

Khorne Bloodbound release (28)
And of course, the weapon on a chain, something that seems to be becoming a defining characteristic of many Khornate models for AoS:

Khorne Bloodbound release (29)
I certainly hope he’s not using that thing for any actual smithing, though — not only should it make for a rather uneven performance, but it also seems like it would wreak havoc on any matters of occupational safety… πŸ˜‰

Yet once again, there’s something bothering me, although I cannot quite put my finger on it. Maybe the model just seems like a slightly formulaic treatment of the subject matter — like they mostly wanted to tick off a box here. “Murderous Blacksmith archetype? Yep, got that one. Moving on.”

Once again, the rather complicated pose means that you’ll have to plan ahead a bit when converting the Skullgrinder. At the same time, some of the bitz (the weapon and head, in particular) are interesting enough, so I think we should expect to see them on other models before long.

Khorne Bloodbound release (31)
This guy is a Khornate model alright, but he also seems like the least interesting out of the three. Is it just me? Or would it indeed have been possible to do more with the blacksmith archetype — speaking of which: While not call this guy Warsmith or Wrathsmith or something that doesn’t involve the word “skull” for once? Oh well… πŸ˜‰




Khorne Bloodbound release (32)
Now these are the Marauders we have wanted for at least a couple of years, wouldn’t you agree? I think it’s consensus that the vintage plastic Marauder kit has adged pretty badly by now (although some of the bitz are still rather useful, make no mistake!), while the more recent kits like the Marauder Horsemen hinted at much more pleasing chaotic barbarians. And now we get the Bloodreavers, and I really have to say I like them a lot!

Khorne Bloodbound release (33)
These guys are bullish and warlike and just seem very fittingly brutal and tribal for the job! They also look dangerous enough to hld their own against the more heavily armoured followers of chaos, visually.

Bloodreavers were one of the unit types that came in the Age of Sigmar boxed set, so it’s interesting to see inhowfar these multipart models move beyond the snapfit pieces from that box. And I think the Bloodreavers do a rather good job in this respect, staying true to the overall design while adding some interesting new touches, such as the two-handed weapons and the bigger amount of bare heads:

Khorne Bloodbound release (34)

In fact, some of those heads are especially nice and flavourful (and would work brilliantly on World Eaters, if you ask me). At the same time, I also like the very stripped-down, brutal looking helmets.

Khorne Bloodbound release (36)
At their best, these guys are just as menacing as you would want your mad, bloodthirsty barbarians to be. And without any of the Barbie doll anatomy (especially where the shoulders are concerned) that plagued the old Marauder kit. Some of the models are just brilliant:

Khorne Bloodbound release (38)
Khorne Bloodbound release (37)
The kit is not without its awkward parts, though. Some of the poses do seem a bit static and unnatural. Like the guy in the bottom left here:

Khorne Bloodbound release (35)Or that strange, double-sided dagger wielded by the champion. Whoever thought that looked cool?

Khorne Bloodbound release (40)
All in all, however, I really like these guys! They manage to move beyond the starter box Bloodreavers, presenting some interesting new options and some pretty wicked sculpts. And you get twenty of them in the kit, so what’s not to like?


Blood Warriors

Khorne Bloodbound release (42)
Here’s the other unit type featured in the AoS starter box, also rendered as a multipart plastic kit. And while I don’t want to get ahead of myself, I would argue that these models don’t fare quite as well as the Bloodreavers. Let’s take a closer look:

Khorne Bloodbound release (43)

Okay, first things first: Like the models that came with the AoS starter books, the multipart Blood Warriors make for some heavily armoured, quite sinister and very Khornate infantry — so far so good! The detail work is, once again, excellent, with every armour beautifully detailed and adorned with suitably Khornate elements. The amount of different heads is truly staggering, with a pretty big collection of Khornate helmets, as well as some bare variants:

Khorne Bloodbound release (45)

I especially like the bitz used to make up both the unit champion and standard bearer: The champ is such a characterful model, don’t you think?

Khorne Bloodbound release (50)I would never have expected to ever get fed up with axes — but I would have appreciated a sword or two in the kit, if only for some visual variety. Sure, all of the models have the option of equipping the new gorefists or a pair of axes, but a sword or two would have been nice. Speaking of which, the special weapons option here seems to be the, strangely Klingon-like, “Goreglaive” — which tries a bit too hard to be awesome for my taste…

Khorne Bloodbound release (51)That is a particularly lovely helmet, though!

The models generally try to approximate the design outline set down by the snapfit models from the starter kit, with the different helmet designs and optional bare arms the only visual elements to distinguish them. They do seem slightly less …sophisticated, for lack of a better word, than the starter box models, though. Granted, a pre-posed model will have a pretty good chance of looking more dramatic and impressive than a model built from a multipart kit, but it’s fairly noticeable here. There are also some strangely awkward elements about the kit: The aforementioned “Klingon axe”, some of the bare arms or the strange way the chains on the icon bearer’s standard interact with gravity…

In spite of these concerns, the kit remains very versatile and interesting — especially from a kitbasher’s perspective. This seems like the new, comprehensive toolkit for building heavily armoured Khorne dudes, and it should also provide you with many, many bitz to accessorise your World Eaters, Khorne berzerkers, Khornate Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Knights, regular WoC or what have you.

And still, while the kit is pretty cool, it somehow seems less interesting to me than the Bloodreavers — and it certainly brings fewer new elements to the table when compared with the Blood Warriors contained in the starter box. Still, I suppose this will turn into a more or less compulsory purchase for each Khorne player at some point.


Conversion ideas

So much for the different kits — but what about the conversion potential? I think it’s pretty obvious that these new kits will mostly come in handy for chaos players, particularly for those running any kind of Khornate army and/or warband. So what are my first ideas after taking a closer look at the new kits?


  • The most othe obvious conversion use for the kit would be to make a more interesting, customised Bloodthirster — while keeping in mind the aforementioned difficulties when combining Skarbrand and stock Bloodthirster bitz. Even so, with a sharp knife, some GS and a slightly adventurous spirit, the two available Bloodthirster kits should provide converters with quite a few options to make a really unique greater daemon of Khorne.
  • Speaking of which: I think Skarbrand would also make a very nice base model for a conversion of Angron in his incarnation as a Daemon Primarch: The pose is really fitting for the character, and I think the more ornate armour should also work like a charm. In fact, I really don’t understand why we haven’t yet seen any Angron conversions based on the new Bloodthirster kits — maybe it’s time to change that…?!
  • Whichever option you choose, the kit will also provide some nice additional bitz for your Daemon Prince or Chaos Lord. Since you get quite a few of the stock Bloodthirster bitz as part of the deal, there’s nothing stopping you from, say, making your Daemon Prince look more Khornate. And some of the weapons might look good on a daemon engine or even on a Chaos Knight — in fact, most of the ideas I’ve outlined in my review of the stock Bloodthirster kit also apply to Skarbrand!

Exalted Deathbringer

  • I think the model would make for a rather nice alternate Herald of Khorne — especially in a 40k daemon army, where the danger of confusing the model for something else wouldn’t be as big. But the rather daemonic look of this guy, in addition to his bulk, would really make him look the part!
  • Or he could become a mutant overlord — either for your LatD force with a Khornate twist or for an INQ28 chaos warband. Speaking of the latter options, he would also make for a great chaotic high priest with a few touchups.
  • Or, basically the most straightforward option: Make the model a bit less daemonic and use it as a World Eaters arena champion — not unlike my own conversion for Vorl Dustwalker.


  • I somehow get the feeling that this guy might end up as one of the chief suspects when it comes to converting a kit from the new release. I don’t even have all that many ideas about him yet, seeing how I yet need to make up my mind about him, but I think there will be quite a few conversions of the Slaughterpriest in the future, mark my words. Here, let me share my very first idea from just a second ago: What about thinking of that hideous spine painted in metal? That would give him a distinct “Mean Machine” vibe. Now just slap on a monstrous power claw, and you are already half way towards a very sinister looking pitslave champion. Just a though…


These guys should be very versatile conversion fodder. Just off the top of my head…

  • …they could be used as some very beefy and intimidating chaos cultists, obviously. Just slap on some autopistols, and you’re golden πŸ˜‰
  • these would be brilliant as pitslaves! Just shave off the Khorne icons and add some heavy duty power tools and augmetics to them — done. They have the bulk. They have the scars. The rest shouldn’t be much work.
  • And while we are leaning towards the more loyalist (or at least, slightly less chaotic) side of things: Don’t you think these guys would make for some pretty convincing gland war veterans? I mean they certainly look like they have been beefed up via unsavory means. I mean, they could possibly be used to build any kind of barbarian IG troopers hailing from a feudal world, but I think they would be excellent as gland war veterans Γ  la Inquisitor’s Sergeant Stone.
  • With a bit of conversion work, especially where the legs are concerned, these could be used to build some excellent, bare-chested, gladiatorial World Eaters — in fact, had these guys been available at the time, they would probably have been the perfect base models for my own Gladiatorii.
  • And finally, the bitz from the kit would work wonderfully on both Pre and post-Heresy World Eaters: I think the faces really have the kind of personality you want on your blood-crazed madmen. Some of the brutal looking helmets might also be pretty cool on World Eaters officers. And a bare arm here and there would also make for a cool eyecatcher. If I ever get a box of these (and I will, eventually), expect to see the leftover bitz used in this way πŸ˜‰

Blood Warriors

As I’ve said before, I think these guys will become one of the new go-to kits when it comes to building Khornate models.

  • They could be used as Khornate Chaos Space Marines and/or World Eaters with a bit of work (or barely any conversion work, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling). Face it, slaughter-brothers and -sisters: This is the closest we will ever come to a new plastic Khorne berzerker kit πŸ˜‰
  • And basically all of the bitz will certainly be in high demand for (Khornate) chaos armies all over the place: Expect to see all the extra heads and weapons on AoS Chaos Warriors and Chaos Knights, 40k Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Lords or Khorne Berzerkers.


So, what about this release on the whole? I have to say that I basically have two reactions to this release:

As a World Eaters fan (and a hobbyist still hopelessly in love with the Khornate design, even after all these years), I consider this a rock-solid release that provides lots and lots of new toys and several very interesting new toolkits. I now have more options than ever, and it won’t surprise you to hear that my hands are already itching when I look at some of those delicious bitz.

As a hobbyist in general, I cannot help but be a bit less impressed. Sure, all of this is high-quality work, but it also hardly treads any new ground. Which is why I can perfectly understand why some people are growing fed up with the seeming deluge of Khornate kits.

So, what to make of it all?

It seems very obvious that the Bloodbound are GW’s attempt at creating a faction that “plays it safe”, relatively speaking: These models could be used just as well in vintage WFB, and the design of the new kits is close enough to the older Khornate kits released over the last couple of years — and maye this was really a conscious decision, taken not so much from laziness, but rather from the attempt at providing something people are familiar with? Think about it: Yes the Stormcast Eternals are very similar to Space Marines in some respect, but they are also a fairly radical change of direction for GW’s fantasy setting. Maybe they did want to be the other faction included in the starter (and expanded upon in the following release) to be closer to something fans of vintage WFB could relate to?

In any case, if you are a fan of Khorne, you’re in luck: You have so many new toys now, and most of them are pretty cool. Some are even rather awesome! If, however, you find Khorne uninteresting and boring, these kits will do little to change your mind.


What’s your take on the Khorne Bloodbound? Do you love ’em or hate ’em? Is there anything you would like to share, or a conversion idea I didn’t think of? I’d be happy to hear from you in the comments section!

And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

21 Responses to “The more things change… — a look at the Khorne Bloodbound release”

  1. A good run down of the models for sure, thanks for sharing your views. Looking forward to seeing you do something with them yourself and all.
    Hope the RL stuff evens out for you soon.

  2. I find myself looking at the blood warriors kit and wondering how the bits would mix with the scions kit. An opportunity to create an elite force for those chaos cultist armies? I also like the slaughter priest as a model, and find the face (especially with the paintjob GW have gone with on the face) reminds me of the computer game character Kratos, from the God of War series…

    • Hmm, if the starter box Blood Warriors are anything to go by, the models might be too beefy to work with the Scions. Then again, I believe meade used some Bloodreaver bitz with Vraksian Renegades, and that really worked out. Anyway, the experiment might be worth a try, I guess? As for the Kratos resemblance, you are totally right — and I really should have noticed it myself πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m mostly in agreement with you. Having bought the Bloodravers, Blood Warriors, and TWO Deathbringers, I’ve got stars in my eyes over the opportunities I have with these kits. There are flaws, to be sure, mostly with the anatomy. The waists on the Blood Warriors are a little embarrassing, and it seems that some GW sculptors can’t wrap their heads around how triceps work, or where abs are located (hint: not in the center of your chest). The fact that these details are totally nailed with the Deathbringer kit means that I know SOMEONE over there paid attention during their human figure drawing class. Credit where credit is due though; they did a great job on the back muscles.
    That aside, I think all the Blood Warriors need shoulder pads, otherwise the transition from armored torso to bare arm is a little jarring and awkward. Maybe it’s because the bulk of the arms don’t really lend much weight to the cuirass.
    As for that Slaughterpriest character, his fluff states that by drinking the blood of his enemies, his bones elongate and harden, because logic. Thus, his long, lanky proportions are attributed to his blood-soda diet. I rather like his basketball player physique, although what’s going on with his spine is a little unclear. At first I thought it was the spine of some monster he had slain, attached to his own back with hooks, and the horns were decorative, like the Khornate equivalent of a priest’s collar. I still think that’s most likely the case, but the spine looks sunken into the back enough that I can’t tell if it’s emerging from his flesh or chained to it. Hmm.
    That Deathbringer stole my heart. I bought one to chop up into tiny pieces and use for conversions, and one to paint as a display piece.
    I also need to point out that I’m excited that Games Workshop has learned to paint a skin tone other than pasty-Caucasian-white. Now they can also add stereotypical yellow Asian and African/Indian/South American brown to the mix. It’s a step in the right direction. And I certainly hope they’ll carry this over to 40k and create a much wider range of skin tones.

    • Cheers, Dexter! You raise some excellent points, as usual πŸ˜‰

      The arms on the Blood Warriors are a bit of a problem, aren’t they? To be fair, I think that creating a natural looking joint would require the entire shoulder to be part of the deal — not unlike on the Ogre models. If you are going for a perfectly flat point of attachment, though, the arm will always end up looking a bit awkward. Using pauldrons to camouflage the problem seems like a decent enough suggestion, though.

      I realise that there is some kind of fluff explanation in place for both the Slaughterpriest’s lankiness and enlarged spine, but given the recent AoS fluff I have seen, it’s pretty safe to ignore all that stuff πŸ˜‰ The model does grow on me, however.

      Oh, and I feel the exact same way oabout the skin tones myself — and wish now that I had incorporated that fact into my review: It’s kinda neat that the Bloodreavers look just as cool painted in different skin tones! Which makes them even more interesting as conversion fodder for Pre Heresy World Eaters, considering the legion’s background.

      • You’re right,flat shoulder attachment always looks a little funny. I think the Beastmen Gor kit does it best this far, but half of the shoulder there is obscured by fur. What I was saying, is that you have this seemingly heavy armor on the torso, but the size and placement of the shoulders make it look like the armor is no thicker than a t-shirt. If it were thick armor, you would see that thickness represented where the armor stops and the bare arm begins.

  4. The Slaughterpriest ist actually my favorite. Could also be a resin model. I don’t know – the pose, the face… It’s individual. Most of the plastics look like some compremise between multipart and, sorry, real miniatures, which I mostly don’t find satisfying.
    But yeah, the spine is a weak spot. But the hornes on the shoulders are great! Looks like some plow carying bull. It shows him being a servant of his god.

    Maybe that is why it seems so non-GW. Its creative:)

    • “Maybe that is why it seems so non-GW. Its creative:)”

      Ohh SNAP! πŸ˜‰

      But yeah, like I said, I guess I kinda like it to — mostly because of its difference from the rest of the catalogue, I suspect…?!

  5. I’ll admit this idea came because it’s something I’ve been actively looking for, but the Slaughterpriest to me is hands down my favorite of the bunch for the biggest Khorne conversion I’m in need of: a Khorne Heretek Magos for IA13. I have a Mhara Gal that I use as a Decimator, and I’ll soon be putting together a pair of Blood Slaughterers, so I’m heavily considering running a Khorne Dark Mechanicus version of my Renegades. Most of my troops are based on Cultists (along with some cadian and Wargames Factory kitbashes), and I have some vets/grenadiers converted from the Scions kit, but I fancy adding a few squads of converted Skiitari to use as vets (the only flaw I see in the R&H list is the lack of some mechanicum gear for vets when you take the Magos), so all I was really missing for a Khorne Dark Mechanicus force (I also have a Kytan and several Heldrakes, Soul Grinders and Maulerfiends I can ally in) is a sufficient Magos. While the existing Magos kit as well as the FW Mechanicum line offer some great models, none of them felt like Khorne.

    Then came the moment where the first pic of the Slaughterpriest leaked. I was smitten. The gaunt body, the axe, the grimacing face, the protruding horns and spine. This model just begs to have the servo arms of Chirurgeon bolted onto it, along with some spare techmarine or mechanicus bits. Although, I’m not sure I want to sacrifice the model I put my Chirurgeon, i may need to scratch build something.

    • Hmm, that sounds like a pretty interesting plan — especially if one were to add some tech-y bitz to the model. And maybe some tattered robes as well? In any case, be sure to provide a link, once you’ve converted the model! πŸ™‚

  6. Nice write-up dude, yep, it’s conversion candy of the highest quality. Like others, my fave is the slaughter priest – planning a Rogue Trader version of Mean Machine…

  7. Always love these write ups, so thanks for doing another one.

    I think that “converting” these to WHFB is probably the most likely course I would take, although I do think that the bloodreavers would be pretty good looking converted to use the catachan arms (as some sort of cultist, rather than as a loyal regiment)

    Agree with the poster above that the new skin tones are a great change from GW, and hope it continues (and maybe they can through in a few women too)

    And like many, I tire of Khorne… I wonder what this level of effort would look like for the other chaos gods…

    • Cheers, mate!

      I am a Khorne guy, heart and soul. But I cannot help agreeing with you: It would be really cool to see this amount of attention to another god besides Khorne and Nurgle for once. Seeing how AoS seems to have dropped Slaanesh (for now), this could go both ways, though: Either s/he’ll be gone for good or make a triumphant return, along with some new kits? And there have been many rumours about a new plastic Greater Daemon of Tzeentch. One can always hope…

  8. InqMikaelovich Says:

    First up – The Skullgrinder’s helmet looks a bit Cyberman like to me… You know, the aliens from Doctor Who? Shorten the bunny ears a bit and you’re golden.

    Second – while I agree that some of the various elements do come off as slightly overwrought, I also feel like, in most cases, that actually works to their advantage. The whole point of Warhammer (and 40k) is that it’s overwrought and metal istic, and so ridiculous double ended axes fit right in the mythos. Personally, I love them.

    • Huh, Doctor Who always seems to have the goofiest villain designs πŸ˜‰ Thanks for pointing that out, though. As for the “metal-ness” of the design, you are probably quite correct!

      • InqMikaelovich Says:

        I wouldn’t say goofy, necessarily, however, it’s very non standard.

        Well, “metal” is the way my friend puts it at any rate. That’s the big reason he dislikes Tau – they have no edge, the way Marines or Imperial Guard or Chaos or Dark Eldar do. The thing is, it’s a broad category and a tad strange, so some things will sit better with some people than others.

        I don’t know, I’m kind of just rambling.

        In other news, I’m beginning to collect bits for the chibi knight conversion you challenged me to do!

  9. Great overview of all the new Khorne releases! I always love reading your thoughts on new releases!

    I really like the model for Skarbrand. I too think his pose is fantastic and really helps sell the character. While I liked the initial plastic bloodthirster, I was pretty unhappy with the running pose. This model of Skarbrand completely fixes all of that, and as you said the pose gives the model a wonderful and pwerful presence. I am also a fan of his slightly smaller and more managable axes (when compared to the plastic bloodthrister). I agree with you about his beard too. It would need to be removed, ha ha.

    My favorite of the releases I think is the Slaughterpriest. He is just so different from other Khorne models. He really reminds me of Brian Nelson’s plastic giant. I love his tattered and scarred face and the powerfully muscled arms. His axe is even well sized for the model. The only thing I am a little unsure of is his armored legs. I think the model would look better if his lower legs did not have the greaves and were maybe a little smaller (to fit with the lanky look of the rest of the model). In terms of conversions, I am using him to make a Nurgle terminator lord to go along with my other nurgle terminators converted from the Putrid Blightkings.

    • Cheers, Adam! Glad you like the post!
      As for the Slaughterpriest, I do rather think he needs the greaves: He’s just be looking like a random naked dude among all the heavily armoured models, otherwise πŸ˜‰ But seriously, I do think the leg armour creates a bit of common visual heritage that is rather important, seeing how the rest of the model is so “unconventional”, for lack of a better word.

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