Getting dressed… Painting my Chaos Knight, pt. 3

Hey everyone, another Knight-related update today. The original plan was to post a review of the recent Stormcast Eternals release today, but I spent yesterday in Frankfurt, visiting a pretty cool exhibition about the intertwined histories of film and videogames at the Deutsches Filmmuseum — the museum also had some pretty cool stuff apart from that particular exhibition. Such as this:

Xenomorph (2)
Xenomorph (1)
Aaanyway, this left me with very little time for expansive writeups on the old blog, so you will have to content yourselves with some more incremental progress on my Chaos Knight — I realise that this style of updates may not be all that spectacular, but bear with me here: For one, this is easily the biggest and most complex single project of my hobby life so far, so I may be forgiven for taking it slowly (and also for documenting my progress rather meticulously). This also allows me to showcase some details that I am especially proud of, as it happens — so I hope you’re not yet bored of the model yet 😉

When we last saw the Chaos Knight, I was hard at work on its daemon-faced breastplate. And indeed, here’s the model with a more complete version of that breastplate already mounted in place:

Chaos Knight PIP (84)
I wasn’t sure at first about whether or not to paint the eyes, but in the end I think the effect works rather nicely without being to cartoony. The teeth will need some additional highlighting, though.

I quickly added the lower jaw as well:

Chaos Knight PIP (87)
Once again, the area will need some more work — in fact, most of the armoured areas that are looking pretty much finished in the pictures are anything but: I’ll still need to add decals, further detail, some grime and maybe a little weathering. Anyway, this is what the Knight looked like at this point:

Chaos Knight PIP (88)
And lest we forget, a quick look at the Baron in his cockpit 😉

Chaos Knight PIP (85)
While the top carapace has only been undercoated, I think the picture shows rather nicely how the design of the cockpit and pilot works rather nicely, even when only glimpsed through the open top hatch (in any case, I’ll be leaving the carapace detachable, though).

This was also the point where I had to start working on the more complicated parts of the Knight’s armour: The pauldrons were especially daunting to me, mostly because I had planned adding a World Eaters decal to one of them. Let’s take a closer look at how that went in a minute. Before that, here’s a look at the Knight with its mostly finished faceplate in place:

Chaos Knight PIP (89)
And, once again, the entire model so far:

Chaos Knight PIP (92)
Chaos Knight PIP (91)
Chaos Knight PIP (95)
I think by now we can really see this guy coming together, wouldn’t you agree? One armour plate at a time…

As for the pauldrons, I am really happy that they are mostly finished now. Here’s the left one, complete with a big icon of Khorne and some additional totems and trophies:

Chaos Knight PIP (97)
Paintig this part was a bit fiddly because all the small trinkets had already been glued in place beforehand, but it wasn’t that much of a problem. I really like the look and feel of the design — it seems chaotic without being overly warped or mutated. The chains are also a callback to the World Eaters gladiatorial tendencies. And the pauldron actually mirrors the design of the shin armour on the same side.

The true star of the show is the right pauldron, though — complete with a World Eaters icon and numbers for the legion and company the Knight has been attached to:

Chaos Knight PIP (94)
I had been planning to use a Forgeworld decal (kindly provided by Mr. poom, no less) for a long time, although the process turned out to be just the nightmare I had anticipated: Making a decal conform to a curved surface can be tiring enough at the best of times, but I found out that it was even more of a hassle here, in spite of copious amounts of decal softener. Which makes me all the more happy to have pulled it off like this — save for a few tiny irregularities, it ended up looking fairly convincing, don’t you think? I also added some weathering on top in order to represent places where the paint had been slightly damaged and nicked.

Once again, the right pauldron shares similarities with the corresponding shin armour — especially since both use the same spikes (which, in turn, are a callback to the studded parts of Heresy-era Astartes armour).

So here’s the entire model:

Chaos Knight PIP (100)
Next stop: the carapace. And boy what a job that will be! Wish me luck! 😉

Anyway, so much for the progress on my Chaos Knight. If you have any feedback or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!

Before I tune out for today, allow me to share something very cool with you: Fellow hobbyist Bloodygoodtime sent me a wonderful little sketch of Lord Captain Lorimar. Take a look:

illustration by Bloodygoodtime

illustration by Bloodygoodtime

I almost laughed myself off my chair when I first saw it, because it’s just perfect: badass and adorable at the same time, and it really captures the very essence of the character for me — in fact, it makes me wonder whether the Eternal Hunt wouldn’t make for an excellent Saturday morning cartoon… Anyway, a huge thank you, mate! You rock!

And, of course, to everyone else: Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

27 Responses to “Getting dressed… Painting my Chaos Knight, pt. 3”

  1. Looking really good mate, love the breasplate & nice work on the shoulder armor. Oh, and not boring at all, it’s great to see such a meticulous record for such a cool model! Keep ’em coming please 🙂

  2. Nice job, Krauty!

    What´s the plan for the carapace?

    As I mentioned earlier I think keeping black would look great… Or at least something other than the red of the rest of the model?

    • Thanks a lot, Johan! As I said in my reply to your last comment, I just cannot help myself: I am in love with the thought of a Knight entirely in World Eaters colours, top carapace and all. It might be boring, but it’s exactly my kind of boring, at least 😉 Plus badly done black or grey could end up looking really terrible (keep in mind that I am not as accomplished a painter as you are 😉 ).

  3. Excellent Work man! The breastplate looks awesome especially!

  4. That blue glow is electric. Very cool.

  5. Kebekoi Says:

    I can’t help adding my voice to JV’s one!! This model is too large and tall to be monochromatic without being a little boring!! Some contrast will help giving him much more character and presence.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying that your work is crap, you achieve something monumental with glory and a lot of “patience” (guess I’would never be able to do that)!

    following your progress step by step like this give me the impression of seeing the painting in LIVE, really cool!!

    So Keep up, mate and do it the way you want, my comment is just… well…. a comment!! 😉


    • Cheers, Keb. I see your point, but I think there might be enough detail on the top carapace to break up the monochromatic colour. And when all is said and done, I’ve always planned for this guy to end up in World Eaters colours, and it also heavily factors into his backstory, so I guess you guys will just have to live with it… 😉

  6. Far from bored mate – I’m rather enjoying this walkthrough (especially as I’m working on a Knight of my own). My only criticism is that he looks very clean at the moment but I see you’re planning to make him more grimy, weathered and battle-worn so I’ll reserve judgement on that 🙂
    The eyes in the torso are spot on, they work really well (again particularly of interest to me as I’m also thinking of using that part of the Warshrine on my Knight’s torso – undoubtedly a shameless rip off from your own I now recognise!)
    I’m curious about the top-hatch – and if you’ve covered this elsewhere please point me in the right direction – but are you planning on keeping it openable on the finished model? Like you I plan to build an internal engine structure and keep the carapace separate so it can be lifted off. However I’d also really like to make it possible to open the top hatch as well so that the pilot within can be viewed. Are you intending to do the same – and if so how do you plan to do so?

    • Thanks, mate! As for the top hatch, I’ll most likely be going for a fairly primitive option: Add a small ball of modeling putty on each side of the hatch, and that will keep it in place, why I can just take it off whenever I feel like it. The more elegant way would be to use magnets, but I feel it’s really too late now for trying a more sophisticated approach 😉

      • Magnets are a good idea though and as my knight is progressing at a particularly snail-like pace I’ve still got time to explore that option. I’ve never magnetised anything in my life before either so it’ll be a good change to try something new. Cheers 🙂

  7. greggles Says:

    That breastplate is AMAZING!

  8. Outstanding work. Again.

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  10. Jared van Kell Says:

    I like the work that you have done on this Knight especially the use of the front of the War Shrine to act as the breast plate. I am looking to do a Chaos Knight aligned to the Death Guard and this has really given me some inspiration.

    • Thanks, mate! There are some excellent Nurglite Knights out there indeed: Make sure to google “Death Guard Imperial Knight”, if you haven’t already. And check out VonKessler’s amazing Nurglite Knight Lancer as well!

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    Getting dressed… Painting my Chaos Knight, pt. 3 | eternalhunt

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