400,000 views — and the evolution of a Zombie…

Hey everyone, just a quick post to let you know that Eternal Hunt has actually managed to hit the 400,000 total views mark earlier this week, which I think is pretty cool! So, once again, thanks to all of you who keep reading, following, sharing and commenting! It really means a lot to me!

In order to provide you with something appropriate to the occasion, I burrowed down deep and actually managed to dig out what may be the absolute first model I’ve ever painted. Check it out:

Zombie (1)
A trusty HeroQuest Zombie, as you can see, and I think it’s fair to say that I didn’t really know what I was doing. I distinctly remember wanting to approximate the look of the painted example on the game box, with its dead, blueish skin and faded red jacket. But I went for neon blue and bright red which didn’t help. Plus there’s also the fact that I had very obvious difficulties in the field of brush control, as you can plainly see…

Zombie (2)
I must have realised that even back then, which is probably why the poor blighter never got finished. All of this happened circa 1992, when actually painting the miniatures that came with a boxed game seemed like a strange and novel concept, and my first experiences in this field certainly scared me away for a couple of years.

Until 1994, that is, when I started taking an interest in the painting of miniatures again. And as it happens, I have yet another HeroQuest Zombie to show for it. So here’s exhibit B:

Zombie (3)
Not bad, not bad at all — I certainly had a much better idea of what a tabletop Zombie should look like this time, and I also went the whole hog and actually finished the model. And while the paintjob is hardly brilliant, it also isn’t massively embarrassing, either.

Zombie (4)
My one big mistake, in hindsight, was to use some pretty horrible, glossy enamel paints. But I was definitely getting there (I believe I painted my first model using GW paints pretty soon afterwards — it was the chaos warlock from the HeroQuest box). Oh, and for the record: I still think those faded blood stains on the blade of the cleaver are kind of cool πŸ˜‰

Which brings us to the present — or to 2014, to be exact: I speedpainted a couple of HeroQuest models last year, as a bit of quick fun, and the Zombie model was one of them. Take a look:

Zombie (5)
Granted, it’s not competition level painting by any stretch of the imagination, but then I hardly spent an hour on the model. And I think it’s a fairly accurate representation of my current painting standard. What’s interesting about the model is that it’s actually really close to the look I had wanted to achieve on that first Zombie: dead, mouldering flesh and faded, threadbare clothes. Anyway, I am pretty happy with this guy.

Zombie (6)
I also think those HeroQuest models have aged teriffically well, in spite of everything — they are single piece and rather limited, but their very distinc silhouettes and general design still manage to hold up. The Zombie, for one, is still one of my favourite tabletop Zombie models!

So there we have it: Twenty plus years of my personal painting career in one comparison picture:

Zombie Evolution (3)
I may not be a brilliant painter, but I still seem to have come a rather long way, after all πŸ˜‰

So, once again, thanks for reading this blog and providing me with some motivation to produce new conversions and paint a model every now and then. There’ll be a more substantial update – with an actual, finished model – later this week. Scout’s honour!

Until then, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

18 Responses to “400,000 views — and the evolution of a Zombie…”

  1. Hipp hipp – huzza!!

    I want a new version of the smurf-zombie… Really quite fond of that electric blue.

    • Haha, maybe I still have that pot of electric blue enamel paint somewhere? Although I’m not sure what state it’s in after 20+ years… πŸ˜‰

      Maybe it’s for the best πŸ™‚

  2. I love the progress pictures, it gives me hope for going forward myself.

    Although I am not surprised you have reached 400,000+ views. I know if have you listed on my own blog so whenever an update hits I jump in. πŸ™‚

  3. legatho30 Says:

    Smells like “The walking paint”….. Blue Z was a great idea…. It’s good to see the evolution…. Congrats for the 400.000 views !

  4. Very cool! I shudder to think of my initial paint jobs from back in the RT era – Testors paints, baby! Congrats on the 400k views, man – always enjoy reading your posts, keep up the great work!

    • Thanks, mate! Didn’t we all start with horribly inadequate acrylic paints, though? I’d like to imagine it as a part of the rite of passage, if you will πŸ˜‰

      • Inadequate paints or inadequate knowledge of the subject. Twenty years ago I could not even imagine that paint could be thinned πŸ˜›

  5. Gratz for reaching 400000+ hits!
    What about doing a blog contest to celebrate?
    Topic “Paint an old Heroquest/Starquest model as good as you can”


  6. Congrats on hitting 400k!

  7. InqMikaelovich Says:


    Hey, if you do requests… I’d love to see your take on the Vindicare Assassin archetype. I’ve always wanted to convert my own but never had the guts. Maybe seeing you do something would help galvanize me!

    • Hmm, I think the new – but currently overpriced – Assassin models are probably a good occasion to kitbash your own Assassins. A Vindicare, though? I’ll have to think about it. Could be interesting…

      • InqMikaelovich Says:

        Well, I had planned to do one based on the Tempestus Scions but didn’t have the guts to wager $35 on an idea xD

        And I’m honestly just not a fan of the Games Workshop interpretation of the Vindicare. It always seems like they’re trying to make a dynamic model out of a not-very-dynamic character. But that’s just me.

        The new Culexus, however… Is positively fantastic.

  8. Congrats! That’s a pretty darn impressive view count for a miniatures blog πŸ™‚

    There’s definately been some progress in regards to painting skills πŸ™‚ But still your first minis are actually pretty decently done! At least compared to the first ones I did in my early days.

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