The 2014 Eternal Hunt Awards, pt. 1: The Hobbyists


Alright, everyone, it is that time of year again! So on the last day of 2014, let us commence a look back at the year and talk about this year’s Eternal Hunt Awards! And what better way to start than to talk about 2014’s outstanding archievements by fellow hobbyists, right?


Hobby blog of the year

Interestingly enough, choosing winners for this category really becomes harder and harder as we go along, mostly because most of last year’s winners just keep on producing outstanding content (yes, Jeff Vader, I am looking at you — among others 😉 ). That said, in the interest of keeping things fresh. I’ve limited my choice to blogs that have not yet been among the winners. So, with that out of the way, whose blog was the most awesome this year? Let’s find out!


1st place: Le blog dé Kouzes


Confession time: My French has become horribly rusty over the last few years, which is really a shame. But every once in a while, something makes me want to brush up on the language, and this year’s winner is very much a reason to learn French:

The four Kouzes provide a relentless stream of quality content, ranging from extremely helpful tutorials to absolutely breathtaking army projects. And every once in a while, they’ll run competitions that invariably draw the most talented hobbyists from the French speaking hobby community (and well beyond).

Meanwhile, their own projects really remain the star of the show here: Be it Morbäck’s absolutely stunning Plaguebones (or his equally wonderful Gretchin Army), Théo’agonie’s unbelievably creepy Dark Eldar or what have you: These guys are so insanely talented that I always feel the need to read through their every post — albeit at a glacially slow pace, more often than not 😉

So whether or not you know any French, make sure to head over to this fantastic blog as soon as possible — if all else fails, there’s always Google Translate, you know 😉


2nd place: thenickeninja’s blog

There are many things to love about the blog of swedish hobbyist thenickeninja, but let me just point out two of them: His absolutely amazing work for Blood Bowl – just check out his gorgeous Voodorcs – and his stunning underhive terrain — the latter one may just be the best tabletop terrain in existence, period.

Looking at these terrain projects always leaves me equal parts inspired and dejected at the fact that I’ll never be able to come up with something nearly as ingenious as this.

So definitely check out thenickeninja’s blog at your earliest convenience — I promise you’ll hunger for Necromunda and INQ28 afterwards, and that’s always a good thing!


3rd place: Between the Bolter and Me

Another confession: I am as guilty as anyone at regularly falling victim to the “pretty picture syndrome”, scrolling past carefully written paragraphs of excellent text in order to get at the delicious pictures of models. This is a terrible habit, to be sure, and it is therefore all the more astounding that this year’s third place has managed to capture me with a combination of things to look at and things to read through. time and time again:

The Brothers Wier maintain an excellent balance between showcasing cool conversions and kitbashes, providing helpful tutorials and taking detailed and insightful looks at new releases as well as certain developments in this hobby of ours. Their articles never disappoint and manage to be rewarding — with or without any pictures. A very well put together blog, and another hearty recommendation — make sure to check out Between the Bolter And Me!


Best models of the year

The level of quality when it comes to hobbyists’ creations is really quite off the charts by now — it’s almost unbelievable how many quality projects, logs, blogs and galleries can be found online! But even in this Golden Age of creativity, there are some that rise above the crowd. So let me present you some of the best pieces of 2014:


Red Corsairs by Kari Hernesniemi

Red Corsairs by Kari Hernesniemi

Red Corsairs by Kari Hernesniemi

Kari and Okki, the Spiky Rat Pack, are common household names whenever I talk about my favourite blogs and hobbyists — and for a good reason, because their creations just tend to blow me away. This year, Kari does it yet again with some wonderful, true scale Red Corsairs that are a perfect embodiment of what Chaos Space Marines should be.

Truth be told, the Red Corsairs have often felt a little gimmicky to me – a strange mésalliance of traitors lacking the flair of the “true” Traitor Legions. Well, no longer, because Kari’s wonderful models are Blanchian and pirate-y and utterly badass at the same time, showing a chapter that has managed to become as corrupted in a mere century when others needed ten millennia for the same feat. Those models are just perfect — amazing job!

Check out Kari’s post about his Red Corsairs here.

Red Corsair by Kari Hernesniemi

Red Corsair by Kari Hernesniemi


Inquisitor De Lorme by Steifer

Inquisitor De Lorme by Steifer

Inquisitor De Lorme by Steifer

A simply wonderful piece, marrying Blanchian design sensibilities with a dash of the Venetian Carnival: De Lorme is just pitch perfect in execution, a character that is equal parts majestic and ostentatious on the one hand, and sinister and more than a little deranged on the other. The whole achievement becomes even more stunning when you consider that Steifer sculpted huge parts of the model from scratch — all in all, this may just be my favourite Inquisitor this year!

Read more about Inquisitor De Lorme on Steifer’s blog here: The model is further enriched by seeing all the thought and care that went into its creation!

Inquisitor De Lorme by Steifer

Inquisitor De Lorme by Steifer


Death Cult Assassin by MonkeyBallistic

Death Cult Assassin by MomkeyBallistic

Death Cult Assassin by MomkeyBallistic

The sheer elegance and perfection of this model leaves me almost speechless — suffice to say that this may just be the definite Death Cultist model, period. Based on a Witch Elf, this model is a perfectly realised interpretation of the archetype created by such characters as Severina and Sevora Devout (of INQ54 fame) — yet it even manages to improve upon those models: absolutely marvelous work!

Check out MonkeyBallistic’s blog here.
Mounted Champion of Nurgle by PDH

Nurglite Campion by PDH

Nurglite Campion by PDH

Hugely talented hobbyist and all around great guy PDH absolutely delivers once again with a Champion of Nurgle on his daemonic steed, perfectly nailing down the diseased, festering look we would expect of a chosen of the grandfather — while totally blowing the official Magghot Lords out of the water at the same time! Seriously, GW should just have cast this model and be done with it, if you ask me!

Peter’s paintjob on this piece is also truly something to behold — especially the way he managed to capture the look and texture of a slug on the daemonic steed’s body. Is it any wonder this bad boy made it into a recent issue of Warhammer:Visions?

What finally elevates this amazing piece to legendary status is that the template for it was created by employing the highly arcane and eclectic random tables in the old Realm of Chaos books. Thumbs up, Peter: job’s a good ‘un 😉

Check out PDH’s excellent RoC log here.

Nurglite Campion by PDH

Nurglite Campion by PDH


Nurglite Maulerfiend by Morbäck

Nurglite Maulerfiend by Morbäck

Nurglite Maulerfiend by Morbäck

Ah, there I was just mouthing off about not being all too fond of the new magghot models, and along comes Morbäck and shuts me right up with his absolutely stellar magghot-based Maulerfiend conversion: an excellent creation that is being copied in Nurglite armies around the globe as we speak 😉

I have already stated my love for Morbäck’s Plaguebones earlier in this article, and I am all too happy to reiterate this point: This army is definitely and unmistakably Nurglite at first glance, yet quite unlike every other Nurgle army out there. And it really has it all: The brilliant kitbashes as well as the flawless (and especially disgusting) paintjobs. Morbäck’s Maulerfiend really serves as an avatar of the whole army project in a nutshell, and so it definitely belongs on this list!

Check out Morbäck’s excellent Plaguebones here.


Honorary mention: skrundle87 and John Stiening

This list just wouldn’t be complete without a shoutout to skrundle87’s and John Stiening’s excellent Imperial Knight models. While both models couldn’t be any more different from one another, they were truly invaluable to me when I converted my own Imperial Knight earlier this year:

Skrundle’s Daemon Knight provided me with so many excellent ideas to …erm borrow, and it stands as one of the best chaotic Knight conversions I have seen so far.

Daemon Knight by skrundle87

Daemon Knight by skrundle87

And John’s absolutely stunning Knight interiors provided the kick in the behind I needed to step up my game and create a cockpit for my own Knight instead of just glueing that carapace shut. The rest of the model is absolutely fabulous as well, of course!

Imperial Knight by John Stiening

Imperial Knight by John Stiening

So a huge thank you to both of you guys! I can only recommend visiting skrundle’s and John’s respective blogs and be amazed!


But wait, there’s more!

There’s so much more to tell you, but precious little time left tonight. So let’s take some time off, celebrating the advent of the new year, and I’ll be seeing you soon with the next installment of the 2014 Eternal Hunt Awards, talking about my favourite armies and hobbyists of 2014. Until then, party on!

And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

20 Responses to “The 2014 Eternal Hunt Awards, pt. 1: The Hobbyists”

  1. Spend a good evening celebration of the new year my friend. May 2015 be the Eternal hunt’s year!

  2. Thanks for doing this, it has brought several excellent new blogs to my attention which I will now be following.

  3. Happy new year Krautscientist!

    Thanks very much for awarding our blog, we are glad you like it (we do our best!) 🙂
    All the team wish you a lot of fun in your hobby projects, especially this crazy khorne army that really is unique!

    Many thanks again!

    • Cheers, morbäck! As I’ve said before, your blog is easily one of my favourites — and a fascinating look at the French hobby scene. Come to think of it, why are you French people so unbelievably talented, dammit? 😉

      And thanks for the kind words (and earlier feedback) regarding my World Eaters! It really means a lot!

  4. Happy new year Krautscientist! Thank you for the blog award for Between the Bolter and Me! It was a wonderful and pleasant surprise!

    I must admit that I too have a habit of skipping the writing in blog posts to first look at the pictures. 🙂 But I love going back and reading everything and learning the thoughts and opinions of fellow hobbyists!

    Great list of blogs and models! This year has truly been something special.

    • The honour’s well earned, Adam! Since you earned your awards, you guys have managed to publish no less than two new, extremely interesting posts — what’s not to like? 😉

  5. Thanks for selecting Between the Bolter and Me! Your other choices are excellent; it is great to be considered with them.

    Morbäck’s Plague Centaurion is astounding (along with the maulerfiend, particularly the base), and is one of my favorite models of the year. It is good to see Inquisitor De Lorme by Steifer on this list, his tendency to sculpt virtually his entire models from the ground up is inspiring. And Kari’s work is always top-notch. Thanks for the write-up; it has been quite a year!

  6. MonkeyBallistic Says:

    Thank you so much for the massive compliment. Happy new year mate!

    • No mate, thank you! That death cult assassin is really the best treatment of that particular character archetype I’ve seen so far. So much so, in fact, that my only reaction when a similar (yet inferior) conversion was part of the Army of the Month feature in Visions shortly afterwards, my reaction was just “Meh!” 😉

  7. Jeff Vader Says:

    Happy new year Kraut!

    Great selection of worthy blogs! Those Kouzes are just unbelievably talented…
    And thanks for the plug 😉

    • Cheers, Jeff! Yeah, I have a sneaking suspicion they are employing some sinister gene forging over there in France…there’s no other explanation for so much talent in one place 😉

  8. Another year gone another exciting Eternal Hunt awards.. this has fast become my go to blog to find out what has been happening in our community over the past year. Thanks for keeping your finger on the pulse , I look forward to reading up on these well deserving blogs .

  9. Wow that assassin model is absolutely breathtaking! Thanks so much for the new blogs to follow and so many lovely models to see! Happy new year!

  10. Hey, thank you for the award. I am really honored!

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