Heeding the call…

Alright, everyone: There’s quite a bit going on at the moment, so let me give you a rundown of my current projects. Most of these are chaotic in nature — in more than one sense, I suppose 😉 Anyway, here goes:

1. The Call of Chaos

In a rather uncharacteristic move, I have decided to join the VIIth Call of Chaos over at The Bolter & Chainsword, vowing to paint four new units for my World Eaters before January 15th. I am using this occasion to force myself to finally get a couple of things that I really want to see finished painted, but make no mistake: I am such a huge hobby butterfly that participating in a vow like this is quite a challenge for me. There’s a very real danger of failing this thing, so if you have any fingers left, keep them crossed for me, okay?

Anyway, which models are part of my Call of Chaos vow, you ask? Well, let me walk you through them. The first two should already be known to you:

First up, I am finally going to complete the Forgefiend I built and undercoated what feels like ages ago:

Forgefiend WIP (3)
Since then, the poor thing has remained completely untouched, and it’s definitely time to change that!

The next model is a character I am really looking forward to seeing finished:

The Doomwall WIP (22)
“The Doomwall”, my World Eaters Terminator Lord in Mk 1-ish armour. I am still extremely happy with this conversion, and I hope I’ll be able to make the model look even cooler when painted!

But I am not limiting myself to models you already know for this challenge: I will also paint two model’s you haven’t seen yet:

First up is a Chaos Dreadnought/Helbrute that I recently converted, using the AOBR Dreadnought as a base. I wanted another Dread because I’ve built so many different interchangeable weapon arms for my existing Dreadnoughts that it only felt logical to have another model that could make use of them. Plus I really enjoy converting Dreadnoughts for some reason. Anyway, here’s the model:

Breacher Dread WIP (1)
Breacher Dread WIP (2)
Breacher Dread WIP (3)
It actually took me quite a while to wrap up this conversion, because the AOBR Dread is a rather limiting base model to use. I also couldn’t get too crazy with the pose, because the model needed to be flexible enough to be able to use all (or at least most) of the extra weapon arms I had built. I kept messing around with various parts, but the model just refused to come together — as it turned out, what I needed in order to finally make this Dread happen was an idea about him as a character: I needed to figure out what kind of guy he was.

In the end, I decided that he is a former Breacher Sergeant whose calling is still reflected in some elements of his ironform — the Mk. 3-ish helmet, the shield on his left arm recalling a stylised boarding shield and the melta, for example. And that was the spark of inspiration that made the whole thing happen.

One thing I am pretty happy with is the brutal looking siege claw on his left arm: The standard powerfist was just looking so boring, so I just tried adding some spiky bitz from the wheels of the WFB Chaos Chariot — and I think the result really works!

The final part of my Call of Chaos vow will be an old acquaintance, in a way. Take a look:

Kharn the Betrayer (3)
Kharn the Betrayer (2)
Kharn the Betrayer (1)
Kharn the Betrayer (4)
It should be pretty obvious who this is supposed to be, right? 😉 As it happens, the model was actually built for the latest Painting/Converting contest over at Throne of Skulls: The theme of the contest was to take one of the Khornate characters from among the 40k and WFB universes and build a better/updated/reimagined version of them — and what better character to choose for that than dear old Kharn the Betrayer?

Since this is going to be a piece for the contest, above all else, I took the liberty of truescaling Kharn a bit, and I think he wears it well 😉

Oh, the head was, once again, very kindly provided by my fellow hobbyist Belphoebe, by the way. Thanks a lot, mate!

So, like I said, I’ll be trying to get these painted until January 15th. I am slightly scared. Wish me luck, boys and girls! 😉

2. The art of chaos

And while we’re still on the matter of The Bolter & Chainsword, I am supremely happy to announce that I am one of the winners of a recent challenge by fellow hobbyist Greyall. If you don’t know his thread, you should check it out right away: Greyall does incredibly detailed and intricate drawings of (Chaos) Space Marine characters in black and white, and he held a little conversion challenge where all the board members could enter one of their converted models, and Greyall would draw a number of them. I entered my conversion for Lord Captain Lorimar…

Lorimar WIP (10)
…and guess what: I am one of the chosen few. I am so happy! Especially since the competition was absolutely amazing. Definitely make sure to head over there and check out those models! Anyway, I can hardly wait to see Lorimar rendered in Greyall’s trademark style — this will be SO awesome!

3. Creeping Rot

Like I said, I am a hobby butterfly of the first order, so I couldn’t resist opening yet another can of worms…literally: You’ll probably have seen GW’s recently released Putrid Blightkings. Well, one look at the models was enough to decide that I needed a box of these, and I finally picked them up late last week.

So far, I’ve only spent a bit of time with the models due to having been super buys last week, but allow me to share some initial observations:

  • the level of detail in this kit has to be seen to be believed! Seriously, those guys are every bit as spectacular as they looked in WD Weekly
  • the amount of bitz you get is equally impressive: Even after building five complete models, you should have lots and lots of leftovers for the rest of your Nurglite conversion needs: The amount of heads, rusty weapons and armour plates alone is staggering!
  • the kit is pretty flexible, and you’ll be getting quite a few very different looking models out of this one — however, the kit is not as flexible as many “classic” multi part plastic kits (most of the (Chaos) Space Marine range comes to mind), due to the way the models are put together. This is not a problem per se, but it does mean you’ll need to plan ahead in order to convert these guys…
  • …speaking of which: (Chaos) Terminator parts will work great on these, from a size perspective.

This last point is pretty important, I think, because many people planning to use these models in 40k seem to be unsure as to their actual size: I’ve seen speculations that the Blightkings are Ogre/Ogryn-sized, and I’ve snapped a quick comparison shot for you:

Blightkings WIP (1)
As you can see, these guys are definitely NOT Ogryn-sized. In fact, they are slightly smaller than Terminators. In my opinion, that makes them useful as stand-ins for Chaos Terminators (probably what I am going to do), true scale Death Guard Marines or something of the sort.

In fact, I have made a few – very early – attempts at “40k-i-fying” the Blightkings:

Blightkings WIP (4)

Blightkings WIP (3)
Nothing huge so far, just messing around with a few 40k parts and seeing what works. A more involved conversion was trying to add a breastplate to the one Blightking in the set that normally HAS to be assembled with a bare belly:

Blightkings WIP (5)
That did take quite a bit of cutting (and the model still needs some serious gap-filling).

But those are just a few brief initial impressions — I guess you may expect a more in-depth writeup about the ins and outs of this kit at some point in the near future 😉

4. Pretty pictures

To wind up this post, let me share one more thing with you: Since messing around with pictures of my models and some image editing software turned out to be so much fun (see my last post), I gave it another try and tackled some more involved photomontages.

First up, a picture of the Hellrazor in action:

I used both Pixlr and Photoshop to create this image, and while there may be a lot of stuff that can be improved, I am still reasonably happy with the outcome.

I also found this very interesting post over at Tyler Mengel’s blog and decided I needed to try something similar. So here’s a composite picture of Khorne’s Eternal Hunt having some fun on the plains of a conquered Hive World:

The Red Tide
Once again, both Pixlr and Photoshop were used in the creation of the image. I also found out that Pixlr is great for quickly obscuring rough areas noticeable seams between different parts of a composite picture.

Granted, I still have much to learn, but I definitely like where this is going!


Anyway, so much for my current chaotic projects. I’d love to hear any feedback you might have in the comments section! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

18 Responses to “Heeding the call…”

  1. I love that picture!

  2. Thanks for the posts and the details about the Blightkings. I have been intrigued by them since the first pictures hit the internet weeks ago. Similar to your thoughts, I was entertaining the possibility of trying to convert some nurgle terminators from them. While they will most certainly take a lot of work to convincingly represent terminators I think it would be worth it! Your initial efforts are encouraging. The simple addition of a shoulderpad and a backpack goes a long way on the one you are working on (same with the breast-plate one).

    I look forward to seeing them progress! Keep up the good work!

    • Cheers, Adam! Keep in mind that there’s nothing preventing you from building them as bigger, swollen Plague Marines and then still using them as Terminators — I like the idea of a squad of Plague Marines so swollen and corrupted from Nurgle’s blessings that they rival Marines in TDA 😉 Oh, and even after building five of them, you should still have enough leftover bitz to convert some more “conventional” Death Guard Terminators, if you are that way inclined.

  3. I love your choice of models for the competition. Really goodchoices and seeing the Wall painted will be nice, it’s one hell of a conversion.

    Congrats on winning! And those new photos are awesome, very interesting to see if this kind of pictures will catch on 😉

    I’m looking forward to your review of Nurgle end times, so far there has been no mistakes and the Glottkin looks wicked.

    Sorry for not having replied to your email 😦 I’ll get around to it soon

  4. inqmikaelovich Says:

    I recently pulled apart some of my Dark Vengeance models after seeing some of your conversions based on similar models a while back – a Cypher for my Chaos skirmish force, and Lord Sorcerer Ladon for my Brother’s Cleansers of Ladon. I’ll have to find a way to share pictures, I’m currently lobbying for my parents to ok the fact that I’ve started a blog. 😉

    • I feel honoured to have inspired you 😉 As for blogging, there are quite a few “grownup” reasons for it that might help you defend your choice: I keep telling myself that I’m doing it to teach myself about blogging and social media software (which is true) and keep practicing my English (which is also definitely true). And among all the myriad terrible and dangerous things you could possibly get up to on the internet, blogging seems to be one of the least risky ones — unless you start posting pictures of your naughty bits at some point, I guess… 😉

  5. That is quite an impressive collection of model you have assembled there! Getting them all done by January will be an incredible feat. I particularly like your two terminator lords, it is great to still see terminators, despite them not being too great in game terms (I still love them dearly though…). The bloodletter faces on the knee guards is a nice, unique touch.

    Glad to see you are working with the blightkings, they are certainly awesome looking models, and I feel the internet is on the verge of seeing a flood of excellent looking conversion involving them. It is fitting you are leading the charge!

    • Thanks, Eric! That Call of Chaos vow is quite a tall order, isn’t it? Not at all convinced I’ll be able to pull it off, but what the heck: He who dares wins, and all that 😉

      As for the Blightkings: Jeff Vader, JRN and others are already hard at work. This should be good 😉

  6. That reimagined Kharn you made is really neat! I bet he’ll own that converting contest.

    And thanks for the Blightking size comparison pictures. I’m forging plans on what to do with them, and knowing just how big they are helps a lot.

    • Thanks, Ana. Not sure about the contest — those guys are always good for a surprise or two 😉

      As for the Blightkings, saying that I am looking forward to seeing what you do with them would be quite the understatement. I can hardly wait! 😉

  7. Congrats on Lord Captain Lorimar! Excellent conversion – and some great ink drawings on Greyall 🙂

    The blightkings are so great.

    The kit itself but also your takes on it. It is great to see how small additions like a shoulder pad og a helmet can give these guys a completely new look and bring them into 40K.

    I think all your hard (and apparently fun) work on the photomontages gives your entire body of (chaos) work an extra dimension and brings in another atmosphere.

  8. Looks like promising times here kraut with a lot of great updates to look forward to 🙂

    I think I asked this question in another blog update of yours but I can’t remember if you responded. Anyways, here goes.
    I think I’ve read one time that you don’t like to greenstuff have you considered plasticard and scratchbuilding instead of (or rather including ) sourcing appropriate bitz?


    • Cheers, mate! Sorry for seemingly not replying to your question earlier, so here goes:

      Though I’ve experimented with both GS and plasticard work a bit, I think what really bothers me about either approach is that they require a fair bit of planning and, maybe even more importantly, of patience. Now I may just be the least patient person in the world when it comes to converting stuff, rather going with a more organic, flow-like working approach. This lends itself to kitbashing and converting with plastic parts exceedingly well, although as soon as GS and plasticard enter the equation, the exactness and meticulousness required to work with either quickly drive me up the wall.

      So, long story short: I should probably get more practice with either approach, and I probably will, but I have a suspicion that kitbashing and working with available bitz will always remain my favourite strategy — I even like the constraints this approach brings, actually, because limits can sometimes inspire you to even greater creativity.

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