More chaotic kitbashes…

I almost feel bad for making you look at yet more unpainted plastic, but what can I say: Kitbashing’s just my favourite hobby activity, and certainly the most productive one right now! So let me share my latest chaotic projects, some of them further iterations of conversions you’ve seen before, some entirely new models. Step this way to my lab:

I. An Angel revisited

Some time ago, I showed you a couple of Fallen Angels I had kitbashed to accompany my Cypher conversion. The last of these was a champion in Terminator armour, and I have added some finishing touches to the model since you last saw it:

Fallen Angels Terminator WIP (7)
Fallen Angels Terminator WIP (6)
As you can see, I added a couple of bitz in order to make the armour look even more ostentatious, among them a heraldic shield and something resembling an Iron Halo (but also strangely close to a chaos star…). The main change to the model, however, was the head: While the helmet still sports a sword, I swapped in a far smaller blade that better fits the facemask, in my opinion:

Fallen Angels Terminator WIP (8)
All in all, I wanted this model to look like a brooding black knight figure, and I think I can consider that mission accomplished, don’t you think?

II. An Avatar of the Blood God

From the abiguously fallen to the downright chaotic: I also put the finishing conversion touches on my gladiatorial daemon prince. Take a look:

World Eaters Daemon Prince (24)
World Eaters Daemon Prince (18)
World Eaters Daemon Prince (19)
World Eaters Daemon Prince (22)
World Eaters Daemon Prince (21)
World Eaters Daemon Prince (23)
Most of the work left to do was gap filling and cleaning up the conversion. I did spend quite some time on the daemon’s belt, though, because I wanted to add some armour plates and skulls in order to camouflage the somewhat wonky connection between the torso and legs as well as, well, the daemon’s bare butt cheeks…

I am really very happy with this model, especially since I wasn’t really sold on the stock Daemon Prince kit as all — but now, I think that the kit can really be reworked into something rather cool with aΒ  bit of thought and an influx of suitable bitz!. I’ll also likely keep the wings, because I like the added bulk and presence they create — plus I already have a wingless daemon prince, so having both options in my collection seems like the sensible approach here.

III. An Apothecary…and how to deal with collateral damage

Those of you who have been following this blog for any measure of time will know that I love building new characters for Khorne’s Eternal Hunt. And I like coming up with models that work both as a character as well as a special unit type — even in those cases where it doesn’t even make that much of a difference from a rules perspective.

Case in point, my recent project to convert the 4th assault company’s Apothecary: Sure, Apothecaries cannot be used in CSM armies, but I’ve had a couple of ideas regarding this character’s background for a long time, and I think an Apothecary would be instrumental to the 4th assault company’s attempt at keeping corruption and madness at bay.

Those tasks fall to Brother Dumah, Keeper of the Seed and Chooser of the Slain. And now I have finally converted a character to represent Dumah:

World Eaters Apothecary (8)
World Eaters Apothecary (7)
World Eaters Apothecary (9)
World Eaters Apothecary (10)
Dumah was created by combining the upper half of a Ravenwing biker sergeant from Dark Vengeance with the legs from a CSM Chosen from the same kit. I wanted Dumah to wear a robe, both as a sign of office as well as an element resembling a slightly sinister, Grim Reaper like figure, and this particular combination of parts allowed me to create the intended effect. The left arm with the Narthecium gauntlet came from the same Chosen, with the tools from a GK Terminator Apothecary added to the powerfist (a surprisingly good fit!). The left arm came from a different Chosen model (I really went all out on this guy), with a spear from the WFB plastic Chaos Lord. I’ll admit the spear was a bit of an experiment: The first idea was to give Dumah a scythe (for an even more Grim Reaper like look), but that didn’t really work all that well. I did want a weapon with a longer handle, and his epithet “Chooser of the Slain” made me think of the mythologic character that goes by the same name: Valkyries. Hence the spear.

The various vials and doodads were carefully cut off a Space Marine Apothecary’s torso and added to the model, and two icons of Khorne were used as additional decoration. The backpack came from the Chosen yet again, with the incense burners from the limited edition Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus added on top — it just seemed right to me πŸ˜‰

All in all, while Dumah turned out quite different from what I had originally imagined, and while it was a rather fiddly conversion at first, I am still immensely happy with the outcome: Dumah can certainly hold his own against his fellow Huntmasters from a coolness perspective, and I think he has a focused, slightly sinister look that perfectly fits my idea of his character. Come to think of it, he could probably be used as my own version of Fabius Bile, don’t you think?

In an awesome turn of events, the conversion inspired fellow hobbyist Hruotland over on Dakka to post a small piece of background about World Eaters Apothecaries. Check it out:

The battle tide was ebbing for a while. In the distance the mortars were still thundering, their rythmic bass accentuated by the staccato of rapid-fire. Like lost souls, the high-pitched artillery artillery grenades screamed. The rustle of the brazen forest, the fiery rain on the scarlet fields. One of his more introverted squadmates had once written a sonnet about it in the long silent hours of the Between, while the battle barge plunged the void from one hunting ground to the next.

On this side of the battle fields there was another such a moment between. Maybe that was the reason his thoughts went this direction, Zighurt mused. The fury in his veins had ebbed now, like the battle around him. Soon it would rise again, and he would be on the hunt once more, drowning the world in a tide of crimson and fire.

In the clearing before him there was a small spring. Somehow it had evaded the flood of body liquids and intestines turning the ashen soil into black mud everywhere else. After a short lookaround Zighurd knelt down and took off the horned helmet, Carefully he laid his trusted chainsword beside him, then he formed a cup out of his gloved hands and ladled some of the water. Even the enhanced and blessed body of a khornate marine had it’s needs, had to fuel up in order to burn in rage. Zhigurd took another sip –

The tip of a spear,thrown from behind, protruded from his chest. Zhigurd looked down in wonder. Then came the pain.

Slowly the now liveless carcass tilted forward, his tribute to his god spiraling into the depths of the pond, Already the water had turned to pink. From the shady glen another marine emerged, also bearing the mark of the World Eaters. His boot came down on Zighurds back, then with a decisive pull he retrieved his spear.

Hagen looked down on his prey. “The hunt never ends, Zighurd. Khorne WILL have your offering, He will not allow you to diminish it by dwindling away!” This was the way of the hunt. The predator would rise in it’s terrible glory, gathering strength and cunningness, until it was on the zenith. Then inevitably would come the moment of weakness. The former king would fall, would turn prey to it’s rivals, maybe end on the antlers of a not-so-easy kill or just find out there was always a mightier raptor. A good hunter would spare the glorious ones the humilation of the decline.

Hagens glovesaw screamed, as he took the legion’s toll, then what belonged to his grim God. “Blood for the Blood God” the Apothecarius intoned, dipping his index into the hole he had driven into Zhigurds power armor. “Skulls for the Skull Throne!” he completed the invocation, while he drove his spear into the detached head of his former comrade. Without looking back he walked away, his macabre trophy staring into the skies from broken eyes.


Now while my own ideas for Dumah are somewhat different, I still thought this a great read and wanted to share this with you. Thanks a lot, Hruotland!
One problem about the model was that it made me end up with two badly cut up Chosen models as “collateral damage”. Never one to pass up an opportunity for kitbashing, however, I started working on those two fallen soldiers, breathing new life into them:

The first one received some new arms and a new head and will probably become a Chosen of Khorne, a Skull Champion or something similar:

Chosen Kitbash WIP (6)
Chosen Kitbash WIP (5)
I am not quite sure regarding the head yet, so I also tried a helmeted version:

Chosen Kitbash WIP (8)
Chosen Kitbash WIP (7)
As you should know, I am a huge fan of shoutly bald guys in my army, but I also like the “faceless killer” look created by the second helmet — which version do you prefer?

For the other damaged Chosen, I was feeling a little more adventurous, plus some desparate measures were in order, seeing how the model was missing its lower half. So I combined the Chosen upper body with a pair of legs from the WFB warshrine priest and added some bitz in order to create a Nurglite sorcerer. Take a look:

Nurgle Sorcerer WIP (1)
Nurgle Sorcerer WIP (3)
As you can see, the right hand was replaced in order to make it look like the sorcerer was just channeling his psionic powers. I also gave him a staff — and then couldn’t resist turning it into a hideous, semi-organic scythe — after all, this is Nurgle we are talking about πŸ˜‰

This model is a personal favourite of mine at the moment, because it really started out as a happy accident: Combining the body and legs was just me messing around, but I am really happy with the result.

Nurgle Sorcerer WIP (2)
This guy will probably be painted to fit in with my squad of Plague Marines:

Plague Marines (31)
I think he’ll make a great leader for them!


IV. A Lone Wolf

And finally, one last kitbash that just came together rather organically one evening after work: A champion for my traitorous Space Wolves, making rather heavy use of bitz from the WFB chaos catalogue:

Lone Wolf (1)

I have told you time and time again that kitbashing is my favourite part of the hobby, and I suppose this is because it’s such a versatile activity: Whether I keep coming back to a conversion I have been working on for a long time, tweaking it until everything is just so, just create something totally without planning in half an hour, or keep messing around with bitz until something just clicks, kitbashing is just perfectly relaxing to me — hence my rather huge output, I suppose…especially when compared to the models I actually manage to get painted…

Anyway, I hope you like my new chaotic kitbashes! Please let me know any suggestions or feedback you might have! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

25 Responses to “More chaotic kitbashes…”

  1. Good work, using the spare chosen in this way is inspiring, personally I prefer the bare head on the first marine!

  2. inqmikaelovich Says:

    Did you see my comment on the last post with this link? ( It’s the lore I created regarding a knight duel between my knight and Knight Baron Harrowthorne. – Michael LeBaron

  3. Absolutely awesome builds, man! The sorcerer is particularly inspired!

  4. Hi Kraut’, long time i didn’t write anything despite reading all your posts with hunger and pleasure… Just hard time IRL, that keep me away of the mood to let some comments, sorry !!

    Well I’ll have to say that this chaps looks really inspired and your conversions are truly good nothing to change, for me!!

    I still think I have to make some constructiv’ feedbacks, if I may:

    first I go with the helmeted head on the first reborn chosen guy, the bare one is without a doubt themed “Khornate buddy” but is less evocativ and overly used and seen… this helmet is strange and fearsome, far more disturbing!!

    Second thing I really love the kitbash of your sorcerer in itself, and I’m very impressed but he doesn’t scream nurgle at all in my mind!!

    My favorite of the lot is the fallen wolf, really, really like him … nothing more constructiv to say though πŸ˜‰ just a perfect chaotic wolf!!

    keep up the good work mate!!


    • Thanks a lot, Keb! Good to hear from you again! πŸ™‚

      Regarding the Nurgle Sorcerer, I would argue that some visual cues to his allegiance are already there: The mono-horn, the slightly hunchbacked look, the strangely organic scythe,… That said, I think the paintjob will probably make or break this model: Feel very welcome to provide final jugdgement once I post this guy in colour! πŸ˜‰

  5. I really like your fallens and the terminator adds an interesting bulk to the troupe. The other conversions are of course ace as well. The helmeted skeleton chosen is better. With a goat or horse skull he would look like a fitting tribute to the old Jes Goodwin Chaos Champions.

    • Cheers, Alexander! Haha, I remember the champion model you’re referring to. The Chosen would also need backwards-jointed legs for an even bigger resemblance, though πŸ˜‰

  6. Um. Wow. Some truly stellar conversions Kraut.

    I’m particulary fond of the apothecary and lonewolf ( though the idea of a fallen space wolf makes me cringe. It’s just… Wrong)

    Oh – for the fallen trooper the “faceless killer” configuration is without a doubt the way to go.

    • Jeff Vader says: ” lonewolf ( though the idea of a fallen space wolf makes me cringe. It’s just… Wrong)”

      Well sure Space Wolf are good guys lawfull to the Imperium and Him but think of this: they are savage warrior, ferocious man, bitting, snarling and drooling in battle frenzy, they tend to loose humanity sometimes due to the wulfen curse…

      This pointed out let’s talk of the World Eaters: ferocious savage warriors drown in bloodlust frenzy!!

      To me it’s an easy way to cross over… there’s so little difference in my mind I’d happily mix myself space wolf bitz with chaos Khorne oriented marines …

      That said I’ll think that Blood Angels are more Chaotic than anything else… and my true meaning is that everything always tend to CHAOS so I won’t claim being a reference on this kind of argument !! (MURPHY’S LAW: ” All things that could go wrong, would go wrong” ) πŸ˜‰

      And I didn’t want to hurt anybody here!! Just giving my 2 little humble cts…


    • @ Jeff Vader: Thanks so much, mate! Coming from you, that really means a lot! πŸ™‚

      As for the question of traitorous Space Wolves, I have to say I agree with Keb: For me, the wolves are a great fit for Khorne because it’s easy to imagine one of them losing their mind during battle, giving in to a berserker rage. For my own Blood Wolves, they never really started actively worshipping Khorne before their fall: They just gave in to their frenzy during a fight against the 4th, and only realised what they had done once it was too late, with every chance to return to their chapter denied to them. It seemed like a pretty plausible narrative approach for me, to be honest.

      That and the fact that mixing SW and chaos bitz is just so much fun πŸ˜‰

  7. You haven’t considered expanding your approach with for example plastic? I think I remember you saying something about not feeling comfortable sculpting but scratchbuilding with plasticard would give you a new world of possibilities but within the skill set you already have πŸ™‚ I use it a lot myself as I also love kitbashing and scratchbuilding but have come to terms with my mediocre sculpting skills. Would love for you to take a look at my scratchbuilt MANs πŸ™‚

  8. By the way, totally jealous of the dude with the powerfist/lightning claw thing.

  9. […] were released, a converted Kastelan Robot now pledged to Khorne’s Eternal Hunt, and finally: Lord Dumah, the 4th assault company’s Apothecary. This last model had already been a part of my failed […]

  10. Inquisitor Mikhailovich Says:

    The Chosen/Sorcerer is possibly one of my favorite models you’ve ever done. Possibly the only Chaos Sorcerer I like more is Ladon, the one I converted to lead my younger brother’s Chaos Space Marines as a birthday present from the Dark Vengeance Captain, and even then, only because of how much my brother likes him… Excellent work, as always.

  11. […] older conversion, this one, originally converted all the way back in 2014. The model may be a bit rough around the edges, and also slightly shorter than some of the other […]

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