Of trenchers and traitors…

I am trying my best not to overdo it, but I still find myself playing around with those Tempestus Scions. And after doing all those experiments about different heads and whatnot, I think it’s time I finally show you some (mostly) finished models, right? So let’s take a look. But before we look at the stuff that’s actually close to finished,…


1. By request

…several people suggested I show them a couple of additional headswaps, and how could I refuse? I’ll be keeping this short and to the point, though 😉

First up, in case you wondered what the scion heads looked like on bog standard Cadians:

new head swaps (1)
new head swaps (3)
They are actually a perfect fit: You need to shave down the neck portion, though — which I failed to do for the above pictures, hence the slightly hokey proportions. But from a scale perspective, I think you’ll agree that it should work. And while I was at it, I also tried an Eisenkern Stormtrooper head on a Cadian body…

new head swaps (2)
…and it instantly created that wonderful Jin-Roh look. Even more cutting involved in this case, though, because the neck portion on those Eisenkern heads is huge.

Oh, and while we’re at it, here’s the Eisenkern head on a regular Tempestus Scion, for the sake of completeness:

new head swaps (4)
This may actually be one of my favourite combinations so far! Unfortunately, the fact that the Eisenkern heads only come as part of the larger kit and that you only get just enough heads, this kind of conversion is hardly economical. But if you should find yourself in the possession of some leftover Eisenkern heads, it’s definitely a very interesting option!

2. Straight from the trenches…

After my last round of experiments, I pulled together several of my earlier ideas in order to create a new model: The running cultist legs, Tempestus Scion bitz and Bretonnian head-kitbash were combined to create a soldier with a very distinct WWI trencher vibe. Take a look:

Trencher (9)
Trencher (10)
Trencher (11)
Trencher (12)
Trencher (13)
Trencher (14)
Trencher (15)
Additional bitz are a backpack with an entrenching tool (a bit of a no brainer, really) and a trench knife (one of the daggers from the Tempestus Scions). My experiments in creating a bayonet for the rifle fell flat: While it was easy enough to attach a blade to the rifle, the barrel ended up looking way too long, thereby throwing off the model’s whole composition. However, I believe that the dagger, worn to be quickly available during combat, works well enough as a replacement.

To tell you the truth, I am stupidly happy with this guy, since he is both suitably grimdark and reminiscent of actual trenchers as well as those Warzone minis I keep going on about. I hope to be able to paint him sooner rather than later — a suitable base, complete with duckboards and a muddy surface, has already been built.

Once again, let me show you some possible, different heads for the model, in case you’re going for a different, maybe even more medieval feel:

While the head I used on the model was spliced together from a Bretonnian helmet and a Tempestus Scion head, the heads from the Bretonnian Men-at-arms can also be used on their own:

Trencher (18)
Trencher (17)
I actually think those work just as well, and would basically be ideal if you were after building, say, a Genswick IG force.

I also tried the head with mask and beret from the scion kit…

Trencher (19)
…and it looks just as awesome as it did when used on the Eisenkern Stormtrooper I posted earlier. I have a sneaking suspicion that this head will always look awesome, no matter the model you use it on.

And finally, another really cool option would be to use an Eisenkern head:

Trencher (16)


3. Meanwhile, back in the Archenemy camp…

During all those head swaps, though, let’s not forget the intended use for my first batch of Tempestus Scions: I want to turn them into a squad of elite soldiers for Urash’s Marauders. So, any progress on that? You bet!
Here’s my first, basically finished, traitor soldier:

Traitor Elite (8)
As you can see, I have kept the conversion fairly straightforward: The imperial iconography has been shaved off and a couple of chaos-y bitz have been added, a horned helmet from the Marauder Horsemen chief among them. While not everyone might like the horned look, that helmet instantly says elite Traitor Guard to me, plus I believe the paintjob will go a long way towards suitably blending together the different parts.

No follower of chaos would be complete without a CC weapon, of course, and I think I may just have found a great use for all those slightly tacky swords that come with the Khorne Berzerker kit:

Traitor Elite (7)
Every World Eaters player should have dozens of these lying around, but I think they actually work rather nicely, strapped to the traitor’s backpack like that: The sword is just ornate enough to suggest that it may have a ritual significance beyond its use as a backup weapon.

I have begun working on a second traitor and have also made a first mockup of the squad’s champion (or should that be Damogaur?):

Traitor Elite (12)
Traitor Elite (11)
In this case, the scion chainsword was replaced with a suitably chaotic sabre from the Dark Vengeance cultist champion. The head with the grotesk came from the same model. And while a laspistol may not be the most exciting equipment for a squadleader, I chose the arm for its pose, at least for now. One of the two small shortcomings of the Tempestus Scions, in my opinion, are the sometimes freakishly long arms, so choosing a combination that looks right takes some doing (on a semi-related note, those cables connecting the rifles and backpacks are the other element I don’t like: Getting all those parts lined up just so without gluing the model together outright is very fiddly business…).

Anyway, this guy isn’t finished yet, but I think the model will already give you a pretty good idea of where this is going. Here are the three WIP models for the squad together:

Traitor Elite (13)
That’s not all, however: Since the scion kit contains so many bitz, there are enough leftovers to use on different models as well. As I told you in my previous post, I will be using some of these bitz to build some more traitor elites, mostly based on some Vraksian Renegade Militia torsos.

You already know the voxcaster guy:

Traitor Elite (9)
I added some armour plates I shaved off the trencher model to bring him more in line with the scion-based models.

And I also found out that the rifle arms work fairly well on those Vraksian torsos:

Traitor Elite (15)
Traitor Elite (14)
By combining these bitz, the model looks a bit like a missing link between a Tempestus Scion and one of my regular traitors, which could signify the encroaching influence of chaos, I suppose?

A third model uses the plasma gunner arms from the scions for now. Here are the three traitors together:

Traitor Elite (16)
I also built another champion/squadleader model that I am really happy with. Take a look:

Traitor Elite (17)
Traitor Elite (18)
Traitor Elite (19)
The torso came from the Vraksian Enforcers, while the legs are from a WFB chaos charioteer: Both bits were leftovers of earlier conversions, so it was really nice to finally put them to good use! The arms are from the Tempestus Scions, although the weapons and hands were replaced (with a Space Marine Scout pistol and chaos warrior sword, respectively). The head came from a Dark Vengeance plastic cultist. And I also added some additional pouches and gear:

Traitor Elite (20)
This model takes quite a bit of inspiration from PDH’s traitor soldiers which range among my favourite renegade models. I am really happy with how this model has turned out, because it really fits my idea of Traitor Guard to a t!

Traitor Elite (22)
And here are all the “Vraksian bases” traitors so far: Keep in mind that these were all basically made from leftovers from my bitzbox:

Traitor Elite (21)
What I especially like about these models is that they could arguably be used alongside the scion-based traitors in one large squad – granted, there’s a bit of variation, but that’s chaos for you – but they could also be the beginnings of a second squad of traitor elites.

So yeah, after all the headswapping businesss, I hope I’ve managed to convince you that some actual models will be coming out of this in the end! I would love to hear your feedback on any of these!

Have a happy Easter, everyone! And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

14 Responses to “Of trenchers and traitors…”

  1. Great looking models all around! I think you might be right about the masked head with the beret, it will look cool on just about any model!

    My favorite of the bunch is undoubtedly the trencher model. He looks fantastic! His pose is very convincing and he is all kitted out for trench warfare. If you want to add a stock to his rifle, you could consider making a folding stock similar to what you would see on an AK-47. They are simply a wire frame that folds over alongside of the main body of the rifle (you could probably make one pretty easily out of wire). Either way the model looks killer.

    Your traitor model with the sword and head from the Dark Vengeance set looks really nice (that awkward head works surprisingly well!). I would be tempted to reposition his laspistol arm such that it is pointing downward, as it is now it looks a little weird. Also what are your thoughts about making his sword a little narrower and adding a scabbard to his side (or maybe backpack)?

    I like your Sargent made with the Vraksian Enforcer body and Space Marine scout pistol. His pose looks really nice and full of authority. What are your thoughts about the scope on his bolt pistol? I would be tempted to remove it as it would be hard to actually use.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks, Adam!

      I was actually devastated that the modifications to the rifle didn’t work out as intended, since I really liked your approach. That said, I think I am just going to leave the trencher’s rifle as it is, so as not to clutter the overall composition: attempting to add a bayonet has taught me that 😉

      You may be right about the Damogaur’s Laspistol arm, although nothing’s glued together yet anyway, so any changes should be easy enough to make. I’ll probably keep the sabre as it is, though, because I really love it! It absolutely screams chaos to me 😉

      Lastly, don’t get me started on all the things that don’t make sense about that scout bolt pistol: For starters, what would you need a scope for on a pistol like that, anyway? Ignoring realism, though, I think I’ll keep the scope, if for no other reason than the fact that it says “SpecOps weapon”, for some stupid reason…

  2. Thanks a lot for all those cool kitbashing ideas!

    I’m looking forward to the final miniatures.

  3. There are some real gems in there mate – the Trencher (all incarnations) being the stand out – what an effective kitbash!

    The chaos scions are a mixed bunch for me – I think Adam is onto something with some of the wide open posing that the arms are giving currently – really accentuates the length of the arms compared to the relatively squat/stocky torso’s and legs.

    Again, Adam’s comment on the sword got me thinking – slimming it down in all dimensions to scale it to the miniature would give it that extra sell.

    I’m not as worried by scopes etc – yes they are unreasonably scaled for purpose, but taking the bolt pistol for example – looking at the minis head he as a ball socket left eye and some tech plugged into the side of his head – whats to say the scope doesn’t auto slave to the eye – the 40K lore is full of examples explaining tech use like that.

    • Cheers, mate! 🙂 See my above comment for most of the points. Although your idea about the champ’s bionics interfacing with the weapon is pretty neat, so yeah, let’s just go with that! 😉

  4. The trencher looks AMAZING. I just wanted to say that your posts are always so inspirational. The amount of thought you put into each conversion is really impressive.

  5. Great to see how well the heads work on standard cadians.

    The trencher is, as been stated elsewhere, a work of genius.

    I agree with Xander – your posts are always extremely well thought out and are often a real help for the rest of us.

    • Ohh, what an honour 😉 I can only reciprocate the feeling, though: Seeing some of the stuff on your blog usually gets me into overdrive, so thanks for that!

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  8. Now I want to go and buy a pack of Scions! Argh!!!! Must refrain…

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