Mark of the Daemon pt. 2 — plus some odds and ends

Another week, and here I am, still happily pottering away in the small amount of hobby time I have. Let’s take a look:

First up, my kitbashed Daemon Prince. While reactions over here were pretty sparse, unfortunately, the forums provided more feedback this time around: I was happy to find out that the model was far better recieved than I had anticipated, plus I did get some extremely useful criticism out of the deal as well! So I ended up spending some more time on this guy, trying to take the various suggestions on board and further improve the model.

DexterKong, among others, remarked that he felt the original, more crouched pose was a better fit for the bestial, animalistic feel of the model. Dexter said that,

(…)in my mind I keep seeing this guy bounding forward on all fours.Β  In most of my visions of him, his front “paws” are on the ground, and his rear legs are kicked back in the air as he savagely runs at a target, like a wolf or a wild boar.Β  On the off-chance the limbs are not all attached, I would experiment with lowering his chest and head toward the ground, and go for more a quadrupedal pose.

Now while the original pose didn’t work for me (because it made the prince look like he was trying to hold on to the base for dear life), I certainly wanted to channel the look Dexter was talking about. So I slightly changed the pose of the left arm and made sure the model was posed closer to the ground. Here’s the result:

Daemon Prince WIP (18)
I am pretty happy with the pose and think that this is really the best of both worlds: The left arm is still held away from the body in a more open pose, but now it somehow looks less like the Daemon Prince is giving one of his underlings a paternal pat on the back and more like he’s mid-swing while tearing something apart.

Some people on the German forums pointed out that the model’s back seemed to feel a little empty, making it look too much like the monstrous mount it originated as. So I used a leftover Crypt Horror back piece to add some suitably gross vertebrae to the Daemon Prince’s back:

Daemon Prince WIP (17)
Since this picture was taken, some GS and Liquid GS have been used to blend in the new additions with the surrounding area, and the effect is pretty convincing. The picture also clearly shows the lumps of modelling putty used to fix the model in its more crouched pose — this will obviously have to be achieved by the design of the base on the finished model…

Daemon Prince WIP (16)
Speaking of which, the piece of wall on the base is really just a placeholder for now! Myfavourite approach would be to have the DP clutching the fallen window piece from the Honoured Imperium kit in its claw, although I’m not sure whether I should purchase that kit just for the one element. It’s a fantastic kit, though, so I am at least a little tempted…

All in all, I am hugely thankful for the constructive criticism I have received regarding this model,Β  because I think it has really managed to improve the Daemon Prince:

Daemon Prince WIP (15)
But the Daemon Prince is not the only model on my desk: Having to wait for the various coats of (Liquid) GS to dry left me with some time to kill, which I used to revisit and touch up some older models.

The first of these I tackled were some additional, kitbashed Raptors (called “Harriers” in my army). You might remember the first bunch of those I built and painted, back before the new plastic Raptor kit had even been released. Well, my Raptors were still missing some Meltagunners, so I whipped some up. I also built another champion for good measure, while I was at it πŸ˜‰

Refurbished Harriers WIP (1)
All three models are based on some leftover Khorne Berzerker bodies I picked up as part of an ebay auction a while ago. Most of these were in a pretty rough condition, but I swore to myself that I would find a way to use them. So with an influx of fresh bitz, I believe I may have managed to rescue them from the rubbish heap. Let’s take a closer look:

Refurbished Harriers WIP (2)
The first model is a fairly simple kitbash, just adding some new arms, a new head and weapon as well as a dash of chainmail to the existing berzerker body. I imagine all of these will look far less rough around the edges, once they are completely undercoated. I also added a MaxMini jump pack, since my other Raptor models so far are using the same bit.

The champion originally started out as an additional icon bearer, but I was just never all that happy with the icon, so I remade him as a champion (because you can never have enough champions, right?):

Refurbished Harriers WIP (3)
A Warp Talon claw nicely complemented his pose, so I used it instead of his original arm. The helmet is also a slightly more involved kitbash — a cookie goes to you if you manage to spot where the original helmet came from…

And finally, the third Raptor with another Meltagun:

Refurbished Harriers WIP (6)
For this guy, I was feeling a little more adventurous, so I borrowed an idea I had seen on somebody else’s thread (GuitaRasmus’s, I believe) to build a more interesting looking weapon for him.

Once I manage to get those painted – whenever that will be – I will have quite a few Raptors at my disposal. And I really like those guys, because they seem so right for a World Eaters army. Also, there is a special kind of joy in revisiting existing models after a while to give them a little extra flair and further improve them.

As a matter of fact, you might remember my post about going back to older models to spice them up, going the extra mile, as it were. Biohazard’s World Eaters bikers were what originally inspired me to write that post (and work on my squad of bikers back then), and now Brother Heinrich’s fantastic Night Lords bikers made me pick up the same squad yet again in order to add even more detail πŸ˜‰

Hounds squad WIP
Nothing big, though: I just added a couple of trophies and small weapons here and there, to make it look like these guys were used to living in the saddle. I also spent some time cleaning up the conversion work, drilling out all the barrels and exhaust pipes, etc. I only have the – slightly fuzzy – group picture right now, but I hope I’ll get around to showing you some better pictures (and maybe even more bikes) at some point in the future.
So yeah, as you can probably see, today’s post is not so much about breaking new developments as it is about incrementally doing small things that make your army better and better. Not as flashy as some huge centrepiece model, I’ll admit, but both approaches are important for an army, and both can be fun!

I am always interested in your feedback, so let me hear what you think in the comments section!

And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

13 Responses to “Mark of the Daemon pt. 2 — plus some odds and ends”

  1. Great work. Loved the DP.

  2. I think I’m following your demon prince build since its first posting now and – although it looks generally good – I still have the feeling that something’s missing or something’s still wrong with the pose.
    The raised hand somehow looks empty or out of place to me. Out of place because there’s something missing.
    “HΓ€ngt einsam und verloren in der Luft herum”, I would call it in German.

    Two ideas I had:
    Option 1)
    Add some gore and splatter to describe the movement of the hand so it does not look static anymore.
    It might not be easy to do, but it could give the mini this final touch …and I’m quite sure you will figure out some solution like you always do. πŸ˜‰

    Option 2)
    Change the direction of the raised claw and add some crushed and bleeding oponent to it. In addition change the beast’s facing onto this slain opponent. This should look like its just putting out a big “good bye” roar for its victim.
    Some blood on its teeth and mouth should finish the job.

    But in the end both are just ideas. You are the artist and you decide. πŸ˜‰
    Nevertheless it’s never bad to see my ideas picked up by someone else. πŸ™‚

    • Those are some pretty cool suggestions! Unfortunately,
      changing the position of the hand itself is pretty much out of the question at this point, now that it’s all glued together. Silly me πŸ˜‰

      I do believe the effect will be less problematic once I have managed to add some more elements to the model’s base, though: I am planning on having the beast push through some Imperial architecture, maybe bending some iron beams out of shape, etc.

  3. Yeah I have to agree with pfibp, the left arm doesn’t sit well. The pose give the impression the Prince has smashed through a building but the hand is horizontal- makes it look more like its “chopping” rather than smashing.

    I’d turn the palm 45 degrees so it’s facing away from the face, that should make it look like it’s just mushed up a building!

    Otherwise it’s a great piece, very well done sir!

  4. As the other, I have a problem with the left arm pose’s. Maybe it could be fix up with little work: a piece of wall or anything else you want going out at 45 degree from the base under his paw, as if the monster just toppled it away on his course to bloody mayhem??

    By the way, I love the overall feeling of this beast and the idea beneath (how not to waste good pieces, with kitbash mastery !! that’s great!), even if I’m not fond of the tail and the backpack event…

    So now let’s talk about the other guys: I love your bikers but not your raptors mostly du to the backpack you choose but it was already my feelings with the first bunch of raptors and I understand you have to keep them for the entire squad!! By the way your chief raptor is wearing an old WFB chaos warrior plastic helmet with bunny ears from standard 4OK berserker!!

    Well, keep working, mate!! Even if I don’t love all your stuff (nobody can love all the thing on earth right??) , it’s allways good time reading from you!!


    PS: I have some crazy kitbashing mood on Inq28 at this moment and produce a lot of stuff, I’d be pleased to show you for advice and comments, but unfortunately I don’t have a camera anymore!!

    • Cheers, Keb.

      Yeah, well, I am kinda locked into this recipe for my Raptors now, so there’s really little way for experimentation πŸ˜‰ I do have to say I am still rather fond of those MaxMIni packs, though, since they are a very close match for the packs appearing in the original HH artwork. Oh, and you’re right on the money regarding that helmet. Congrats! πŸ™‚

      Regarding those INQ28 kitbashes, don’t just be a teaser like that, get a new camera ASAP! πŸ˜‰

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