Another day, another Behemoth

I am still working on my Centurion-based Obliterators — in all fairness, I did warn you beforehand that this would likely turn out to be a rather extensive project 😉

The good news is that, after having figured out a basic recipe for turning the stock Centurions into suitable Obliterators, the second model went together quite a bit faster than the first: I already roughly knew beforehand which elements I was going to use to make the model look more chaotic, so assembling the legs and torso was reasonably easy work this time:

Behemoths WIP (33)
As you can see, I kept several of the elements that had worked on the test model, using the tried and tested bunny ears as well as the additional horn on the forehead. I also used some more armour plates cut from Ogre fists for a more archaic look, although I positioned them slightly differently this time around. The bandolier of skulls was replaced with a beastman trophy skull, and instead of a chain tabard I used a loincloth (again from the Chaos Lord in Terminator armour, though). Since this mode had a more dynamic pose, I tried to match the loincloth to the forwards movement of the legs.

I also stole Biohazard’s very cool idea for chest mounted flamers, even though it’s not all that easy to make out in the photograph above.

Here’s a photo of the model’s early build together with my first Behemoth:

Behemoths WIP (34)
Once again, the next step was to add the arms and weapons. My original plan was to arm the model with a Lascannon on the left and a heavy flamer on the right arm. A suitable lascannon came with the Centurion parts, so I was at liberty to spend more time kitbashing a custom heavy flamer from a siege drill housing and a Terminator heavy flamer:

Behemoths WIP (36)
This also made me realise that the siege drill housings can basically be turned into any weapon you desire by just adding some new barrels and some additional bits. At the very least, my flamer above (complete with added meltagun on top) turned out reasonably convincing, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, though, when added to the actual model, it ended up looking far too cumbersome, even for the impressive frame of a Centurion/Behemoth. We live and learn…

So a change of plans was in order: The Lascannon originally intended for the left arm was moved to the right instead, and the left arm received a converted assault cannon (built by combining a Centurion heavy bolter anda gun barrel from a Heldrake’s weapon, no less).

Here’s the model with both arms:

Behemoths WIP (42)
As a matter of fact, I am tempted to call the changed weapons a lucky coincidence, since the assault cannon really works rather well with the pose of the left arm. As you can see, I also added some more bitz (and the beastman skull received another horn; the mono-horn look was far too Slaaneshi for my taste). So while the model may still be a little rough around the edges, I am prepared to call the basic setup a success.

I also experimented with yet another Ogre fist from the Mournfang Cavalry kit:

Behemoths WIP (43)
I really like the result so far!

While I was at it, I also took another photo of the first test model:

Behemoths WIP (41)
With two of the conversions now mostly finished, I think these will make for rather convincing Obliterators: At the very least, they’ll be a much better match for the rest of my army than the fleshy, bloated stock models! And they do look pretty badass together!

Behemoths WIP (40)
Putting quite a bit of time into working with the Centurion kit has also had the nice side effect of discovering the great conversions done by other people! Though the Centurions don’t seem to be all that popular at the moment, people like Dave Taylor, migsula, Biohazard or candleshoes are really putting the kit through its moves! I did a more detailed writeup about the cool conversions I have discovered so far over on Dark Future Gaming, and you are very welcome to check it out, in case you are interested!

And of course, I am always interested in hearing your opinion, so let me know what you think of this newest WIP model!

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

12 Responses to “Another day, another Behemoth”

  1. Kebekoi Says:

    Hi there mate!!
    Well I’ll have to admit that I truly love your behemots, they’re fitting so well in your army concept. More to say they would just look awfully frightenning on a gaming table!!
    Your conversion turn the ugly centurion into awesome and beautiful engine of destruction, well done !!

    I still have some difficulties calling them obliterators tough and prefer refer to them as Behemots (in their own rights).

    I hate you showing us all those outstanding conversions of the kit as it’s pulling me at giving a try at doing a personnal version despite my hate for the centurions !!

    By the way, keep working, posting and sharing !!

    Cheers, Keb. 😉

    • Cheers, Keb!

      You’re quite right, mate: These will only ever be referred to as Obliterators for rules reasons. In my mind (and, by extension, my army background) these will always be called Behemoths and have the described background. I just wanted to make it clear what I was going to use these models for.

      As for doing your own conversion of the Centurion kit, I would really only do that if you have a clear purpose in mind for the unit — they’re just too expensive, otherwise. But I hope I’ve managed to show you that these can in fact be made to look pretty cool 😉

  2. Hey man!

    It’s great to see what you made of those Centurions! Your Obliterators look more like they carry every single weapons option already with them rather than morphing them in the respective battle situation, but that’s also a good way to embody Obliterators.

    They look damn massive and bulky and I like that a lot. Their looks says “Are you really going to waste your ammunition on ME?” 😀

    Awesome work oberall! How about adding some metal fittings with thin line sof green stuff or even stripes of plastic card?

    • Cheers, man! That was definitely the look I was going for! A similar conversion might work well for your own Iron Warriors — just sayin’ 😉

      I did consider adding some armour trim, but I am just hopeless with GS, so I would rather not ruin the conversions with my clunky attempts at sculpting.

  3. Looking good man! I’m really enjoying this series, seeing what you do with the Centurion models is inspiring stuff! Keep up the great work!

  4. Dominic Says:

    Awesome stuff. How’s the traitor guard?

  5. Outstanding work! I can’t wait to see them get painted up! They are brutal!

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  7. I don’t ordinarily comment but I gotta state thanks for the post on this great one :D.

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