Where are they now?

I am on vacation to the seaside this week, grabbing some much needed fresh air. So I guess it’s time for a rather contemplative post today. So while I am spending some time doing nothing, let’s check on some hobby proejcts of mine: As you may recall, I built some models that I sent abroad in pursuit of various hobby-related business. So where are they now?


1.) Legion

Ah, who could forget my favourite, insane Mechanicus monstrosity? After his first outing aboard the Myth ShippeΒ in April, Legion could last be glimpsed on a tray brought along to 2013’s Inqvitational by John Blanche. There he lingered, towards the back, glad to be in the company of some really phenomenal models both by JB himself as well as some other talented artists:

Image kindly provided by Marco Skoll

Image kindly provided by Marco Skoll

Seeing that a model I made has found its way into a collection like that really makes me proud!

I also have a hunch we may not have seen the last of our favourite Tech Wraith, but we’ll have to see about that…


2.) Inquisitor Zuul

After being captured by his puritan pursuers during this year’s Inqvitational, Inquisitor Zuul was unexpectedly observed causing some mischief among the denizens of the Arrke:

Image kindly provided by PDH

Image kindly provided by PDH

I swear Zuul didn’t have anything to do with that car on the right crashing like that. Oh dear, let’s just hope Inquisitor Tybalt doesn’t find out…

I gave Zuul to PDH as a birthday present, both as a thank you for involving me in all kinds of kick ass international hobby projects, and because having to send Zuul back and forth between Germany and Britain for games would have been a bit of a drag. It goes without saying that I am rather happy that Peter’s getting some mileage out of the old rascal until Zuul is finally taken out for good by his puritan enemies. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, though, because I, for one, have grown rather attached to the old boy…

Image kindly provided by PDH

Image kindly provided by PDH


3.) Elias Cobb

And last but definitely not least, Elias Cobb’s identical twin has successfully made his way to his namesake (who, it bears repeating, is really not a mutant sniper, but rather a gentleman and a scholar) in the north of the USA. There he has found both a new home and a place of honour:

Image kindly provided by Elias Cobb

Image kindly provided by Elias Cobb

The real Elias kindly sent me the photo above. I am really glad that the model has reached its destination intact, although the twins now have to rely on the power of social media to see each other. How sad:

Where are they now (5)
It’s cool, Elias: You guys can skype, or something… πŸ˜‰


Anyway, where am I going with this?

Being a bit of a pack rat, I’ll readily admit that I am not especially good at letting things go — least of all things I painstakingly converted and painted myself. But in these three cases, seeing that the models I sent abroad are still around and keep popping up here and there really makes me happy.

Each of those was a labour of love, of course, but building them to eventually give them away was very much a part of the joy: There is a certain satisfaction in the knowledge that these models have found new homes in another country, and that their stories will continue, even if I am no longer the one in charge.

In a way, this hobby is really all about sharing, isn’t it? I cannot count the number of ideas I have borrowed from other talented hobbyists, and I certainly hope that I have, in turn, managed to give some inspiration back to others. And being able to contribute a model to a fantastic narrative event or the collection of one of the biggest hobby legends really is a great feeling! I can’t help remembering my early years in the hobby: Without the internet or an actual hobby scene, the hobby felt like a really isolated activity, with every hobbyist an island, so to speak. GW’s own materials were really all the available input there was, and fruitlessly trying to emulate ‘Eavy Metal paintjobs was a very special kind of self-deprecation. I could never have imagined then that something like this would be in the cards for my hobby life!

Today, there’s a brilliant scene of creative and inspiring hobbyists around, and it’s possible to get in touch with them via the magic of the Interwebz: You can exchange ideas, swap bitz, plan events or even send away models you’ve build and painted, then see them take on a life of their own. And this is great and really makes me happy, in a small and self-centered way…

So yeah, before I get all sappy on you, like an 80s’ Filmation cartoon, let’s wind this up: I am happy that these models are still around, and that they are in good hands. Cheers Peter, John and Elias! Take good care of those little guys for me!

And, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more! Normal service will resume next week πŸ˜‰

8 Responses to “Where are they now?”

  1. Alexander Says:

    Amen to that brother!

    Fantastic to see those scary monsters and super creeps pop up again.

    You are most definitely right that we are no longer trapped on our own islands, slowly but surely we are all coming together to form a world wide continent of hobbyist. Some playing the games like the book says, some painting and reliving the olden days and some forging their own path into the realms of chaos and imagination.

    There really is no stopping this, except for the usual suspects of work, family and lack of time.

    I look forward to see you returning to Legion and the bizarre and wonderful nether realms of the Imperium of Man(-things)!

    • Cheers, mate, and 100% agreed: The Internet helped us in discovering that there’s not one kind of approaching the hobby, but that each hobbyist should find their own approach that best suits their interests. It also never ceases to provide me with nifty conversion ideas to steal, of course πŸ˜‰

      Regarding Legion, let’s just say that it might not even be me who’ll be revisiting that particular character. Let’s wait and see…

  2. I completely know what you mean about not wanting to let them go! (Not that I’ve given anything I painted to anyone haha) But I also become very attached to things I put so much work into.
    On the other hand, what a nice feeling! To know that someone you worked on so hard is loved and cherished by it’s new owner πŸ™‚

    Also, laughed so hard at the idea of miniatures skyping to keep in touch. Bahaha. Priceless.

    • Yeah, you know how it is: Those mutant twins just need to keep in touch πŸ˜‰

      I never expected I’d be able to let go pieces I had built and painted (especially since painting can be such a chore for me), but it turned out to be great in the end. The fact that I know that John, Peter and Elias will treasure those models does of course help!

  3. Over the year I used to offer some minis of mine, to friends or girlfriends, not so often as I think it’s not a simple gift without sense… But I never saw again this minis and that make me a little sad about.
    So I could say your a lucky guy, Kraut, that your minis don’t die and just live a new life in another hands wich take care of them!!


    • Cheers, Keb! Yeah, I guess I picked the right home for those minis, didn’t I? Don’t worry, though: I did give away my fair share of heartfelt presents that ultimately weren’t acknowledged or cherished in my time. It just hasn’t ever happened with minis yet πŸ˜‰

  4. cameronadam Says:

    Cool to see them all together like that.

    If you are interested in doing another, we are doing a small exchange on the deathsquadsgame.com website. The idea being that you make a random model and will receive one from someone else. It is a bit small as the website is pretty quiet but it is a fun project.

    URL for the exchange is here: http://www.deathsquadsgame.com/t3155-prisoner-exchange-2013

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