Meanwhile, aboard the Arrke… pt.2

It’s been almost a week since the last game set aboard the Arrke, and a huge cache of delicious information about the event has since turned up on the net. So like I promised, let’s take another look at this strange and demented world, and let me finally show you my dear Legion in action:

I’ll be honest with you: After having sent the model to England, I was of course dying to know how it would all play out: Would Legion fit the overall aesthetics of the game? Would he blend in well with Neil’s fantastic board? Would John Blanche and all those other talented guys like the model?

And then I checked my e-mail account on Saturday, to discover that none other than John Blanche himself had sent me a snapshot of Legion in action:

Legion at home (1)

Look at you, Hacker! …no, wait, wrong game!

I really couldn’t have been any happier! And I am only a little ashamed to admit that I spent quite a while during that afternoon repeatedly pressing F5, in order to see whether there were any news from the Arrke. And, indeed, John was good enough to send me multiple pictures during the game. Thanks so much, JB!

By all accounts, it must have been a fantastic event! And now that lots and lots of pictures from the event have started turning up, everybody can see the glory of it all: The amount of crazy modelling and painting talent on display was stupenduous. And what’s more, PDH somehow managed to weave it all into one game and one narrative, even though it must have been a pretty busy afternoon aboard the Arrke.

Anyway, let’s take a look at some more photos of our favourite insane AdMech monstrosity, shall we? All of the following pictures were very kindly provided by Neil101, by the way.

Legion at home (2)

Legion emerging from the Arrke’s dark nooks and crannies. Check out that fantastic, flaking paint on the wall in the background!

Legion at home (8)

Some time later, Legion is gazing across the derelict and rusty halls of the Myth Shippe from a lofty vantage point.

Legion at home (5)

And finally, having arrived at the banks of the vile Sump, Legion casts a contemplative glance across the frothing waters — awfully introspective for a biomechanic monstrosity, isn’t he?

Legion at home (6)

I really love how the Cult of the True Journey’s sniper seems to be drawing a bead on Legion in this picture

And finally, what has to be my favourite picture of Legion to date, taken by Fulgrim:

Legion at home (7)
As you can see, Legion does indeed look like he’s emerging from the very underbelly of the Arrke itself. I am very pleased that I managed to achieve that!

So what about all the other amazing models? Though I would like dearly to post them, I won’t do that. Not in order to keep all the glory for myself, mind you: I think you should really head over to the other guys’ respective blogs to check out what they have to say about their marvelous creations! And don’t fret, I’ll provide a handy list of links for your perusal. You ABSOLUTELY need to check out this stuff! Seriously!

To begin, Fulgrim has started a brilliant writeup of the event, introducing all the different gangs and walking us through the narrative (with lots of pretty pictures):

Arrke retour

Part I
Part II
Part III

I imagine the series will be running for the rest of the week. And I, for one, can’t wait to read more of this stuff!


Then there’s JRN’s Sump Huntress Hanin. A class act, as usual!


The Spiky Rat Pack don’t disappoint either, with Kari posting his brilliant Stryderre, complete with sinister poetry, and Mikko’s Living Coffin following hot on his heels.


And finally, be sure to check out PDH’s Yggdrassillium threads at Dakka and the Ammobunker. Again, lots of pretty pictures and well deserved awe.

And while you’re there, don’t forget leaving a nice word or two for PDH himself: It only becomes clear now what a spectacular job he has managed to pull off with this: Models from several countries, lots and lots of characters, and he even had to GM the whole thing. The mind boggles!


So, once again, a million thank yous to everyone involved! It’s been a pleasure, and I have certainly never had so much fun with an event without even being present πŸ˜‰

To wind up this post, just because I can, let me share a picture of Neil’s spectacular Arrke board:

Legion at home (4)
The only question is: How are we ever going to surpass this? πŸ˜‰

In any case, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

7 Responses to “Meanwhile, aboard the Arrke… pt.2”

  1. Alexander Says:

    By now you propably know I’m enormously inspired, and envious, of the Arkke. Legion really is a fantastic piece in the whole. It feels like Arrkke is becoming it’s own game that everyone can, and should, take and make their own. Not to sheepishly copy but as an inspiration to break the chains of army and correct form thinking and embrace the deep dark parts of the creative mind. Make ones own narrative. explore the deepest hive sumps, daemon worlds, endless rows of cognitors on a data world. Discover who/what haunts the world. Make it your own. share and inspire.

    I’ll take my own advice and start exploring the bizarre.

    • Oh, you most definitely should!

      I think what makes the Arrke so great isn’t even the fact that it’s not regular 40k — after all, from a rules perspective, this is fairly “regular” Necromunda. The crucial thing here is that every game (system) can be as fantastic as this when enough creativity is involved and if you’re playing with the right people. If anything, that’s a lesson to be taken back to your games of 40k — the game is what you make it!

  2. It is hard to describe how awesome this entire project is. So many talented individuals working together to showcase what is so great about 40k and the hobby itself. Rather than playing up Space Marines and guns, it seems to have focused on atmosphere, and captured the eldritch mystery that truly makes 40k unique and special. Awesome work on Legion, he fits right in with the rest of the madness! Do you have plans of make other characters for future such games?

    • Cheers, mate! This has indeed been a standout hobby project, and like I said earlier, it goes to show what can be achieved if hobbyists try to do something really creative and fun — and that is really something that has always been at the very heart of the hobby, if you ask me.

      Regarding future projects (and models for the Arrke), I would of course be honoured to be able to contribute stuff to any future events. I honestly don’t know whether I’ll be able to come up with something quite as far out as Legion, but there’s always rainbow to be reached for, right? …aw, how terribly sappy of me! πŸ˜‰

  3. Legion looks brilliant on the board! When I read your original post about him I couldn’t help but think that it’d be great to have seperate bases with other parts of him, mechanical tentacles and the like, like the Watcher in the Water:

    The board looks fantastic and the gangs and characters look great. This is the type of game I’d love to be involved in!

    • You’re quite right: Having several tendril creatures on separate bases would have been a very cool option — unfortunately, I just couldn’t pull it off in the allotted time.

      That said, Legion has a new home now, so who knows what may happen…

  4. […] a wonderfully macabre and demented nature to the whole affair, calling to mind both the infamous Yggdrassilliumme as well as the kind of characters you would see in the golden days of Realm of Chaos. And while I […]

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