Totally worth it: Warzone » Warzone Minis (13)

3 Responses to “Warzone Minis (13)”

  1. aegisguard Says:

    I love these minis. I have loved them since I first saw them years ago and couldn’t afford to buy any, way back when I didn’t have a model budget. I picked up two bags of these guys, fantastic for guard. Trenchers are my favorite. I really am looking at picking up some of the older metals since they still look great. Nice post!

  2. i just scored some of these models off ebay and they are nice. but are these models still in production?

    • Hmm, they might still be available via Prince Albert miniatures, as linked in the blog post?! Then again, there was a (fairly) recent Kickstarter for a re-released Warzone, so there’s that too.

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