The Eternal Hunt Awards, pt. 3 – Little Ol’ Me


Of course this wouldn’t be a complete personal look back at 2012 without talking about my hobby achievments. So yeah, let’s talk about myself for a change 😉

Looking back now, the amount of hobby stuff I managed to do in 2012 seems rather baffling, at least concerning my lack of discipline and short attention span:

1.) I painted about 90 miniatures this year. While this may seem rather average to many of you and is definitely not going to win me any laurels, it is still a feat I am quite proud of, seeing what a glacially slow painter I can be…

2.) I’ve managed to publish 99 blog posts since I started up this blog in late February. Blogging with any degree of continuity has been a lot of work, but it has also helped me getting my act together. More on that later.

3.) Oh, and while we are on the subject of blogging: I’ve had about 45,000 views on the blog so far. Again, not an astronomical result, but it’s still good to see that at least some people seem to find my rather pointless rambling interesting from time to time 😉


I. Armies and warbands

So which armies have I been working on during the last 12 months? And what is their current status? Let’s take a look:


1.) The World Eaters’ 4th assault company – Khorne’s Eternal Hunt

With the World Eaters being my main 40k army, I invested lots of work in order to bring the painted part of my force up to about 2,000 points this year:

And there’s more (unpainted) stuff where that came from, of course… A detailed army showcase can be found here.


2.) Urash’s Marauders

I was also pretty productive when it came to building and painting a Traitor Guard detachment, either to be used on its own or as allies for my World Eaters:

Urash's Marauders (1)
Again, there’s a showcase here.


3.) Legio Custodes – the Lionsguard

I also worked on my just-for-fun Legio Custodes force. Two standards and one HQ have been painted so far:

Custodes army Teaser Shot
Expect to see more of these guys pretty soon…

And finally, last but definitely not least:


4.) Inquisitor Lazarus Antrecht and retinue

Inquisitor Antrecht & Retinue
Hmm, I really need to take a better family portrait of these guys… Anyway, head on over to my INQ28 Dramatis Personae if you’d like to find out more!


II. Miniatures I am most proud of:

With some models, I really managed to step outside my comfort zone this year, so that’s why I am especially proud of them. Behold my best creations (according to me…):


1.) The Brothers Galth

Definitely my most involved conversion for INQ28 (and maybe my most complex conversion altogether): Transforming a WFB plastic Nurgle Lord into the “masterblaster-esque” Brothers Galth was a lot of work and a ton of fun. I am really pleased with how these guys turned out, from the conversion to the paintjob. This model also marked the first time I attempted to capture a mix of the macabre and the decidedly whacky. I’ll leave it to you whether I succeeded with this…

Anyway, more on the Brothers Galth can be found here.


2.) Traitor Basilisk

Basilisk (83)
I tackled my first tank ever in 2012, building and painting the Traitor Basilisk you see above. Surprisingly enough, this turned out to be far less of a hassle than I had anticipated. And I was actually really happy with the result. So my first tank ever also managed to earn itself a place on this list.

Here’s a number of posts chronicling my work on this particular model, btw.


3.) Huntmaster Isgarad

Huntmaster Isgarad (10)
Originally, this model started out as an attempt to build Lord Captain Lorimar, the master of Khorne’s Eternal Hunt. But even though the result somehow didn’t feel right for that particular character, I am still enormously pleased with this Chaos Lord and Terminator armour. I think he’s maintaining a delicate balance between massive and dynamic, and I rather like the paintjob as well. So though he may be a “Lorimar-reject”, Huntmaster Isgarad is still one of my favourite models this year.

And while we are on the subject of Lord Captain Lorimar: I am also really pleased with my converted miniature for him, even though I have yet to paint it. So an honourable mention must go to Lorimar as well (Click here for the full story).


III. My favourite hobby moments of 2012

2012 was definitely full of cool hobby moments, but here are my favourites:


1.) Blogging

The whole act of blogging was a great hobby moment for me: Not only did it give me the opportunity to step outside my laboratory and show you all my hobby exploits, it also acted as an incentive to actually get stuff finished (so that it could then be posted here). And most of all, it got me into contact with lots and lots of talented artists and people I actually consider to be hobby legends in their own right: Ron Saikowski, Dave Taylor, Commissar Molotov, Migsula, the guys from Spikiy Rat Pack…and that’s not even half of them! One of the best blogging moments was when OST actually ask me to write for Dark Future Games, a blog I’ve been reading ever since getting back into the hobby in 2010. What a tremendous honour!

So yes, even though it was a lot of work, blogging in general and being a part of the hobby community was my favourite hobby moment this year, and I have all of your to thank for that! So thanks a lot to the great hobbyists out there for the creative exchange and feedback. And thanks to all of you for reading this stuff!

2.) lots and lots of cool releases

A new 40k edition, a major 40k Chaos release, a new Chaos wave for WFB and all the cool stuff that keeps getting made thanks to Kickstarter: I sometimes felt like a child in a candy store this year due to the string of great releases. So I do hope that 2013 will have lots of new stuff as well!

3.) “The Cobb Incident”

An occurence I will just cryptically refer to as “The Cobb Incident” for now was easily one of my favourite hobby moments this year. Fear not, I will tell you more about this particular event soon. And I can assure you it’s quite a great yarn 😉


IV. New year’s resolutions

So what better way to wind up this post than to take a look at my new year’s resolutions:

1.) Painting more stuff

I’ll be honest with you: I’ve been unbelievably lazy during my Christmas vacation. Nevertheless, I hope that 2013 brings a return to form for me, so that I’ll be able to paint lots and lots of new stuff (yeah right, who am I trying to fool?). I already have quite a few painting projects cooking for the new year: Lorimar needs a paintjob, as does my Daemon engine for the Eleventh ToS Painting/Converting Contest. And there’ll always be room for more World Eaters, Marauders and Custodians. Wish me luck (and a steady hand)!


2.) Finally learning the 6th ed. rules

Learning new rules usually is a chore for me. Even so, I finally need to take to time to learn all those 6th edition rules: Cousin Andy is already bugging me about it on a regular basis. So I guess I’ll finally have to buckle up.


3.) Having at least one (preferably really great) game of INQ28

Considering all my INQ28 conversions and characters, I think it’s finally time to get in an actual game of INQ28, preferably a really fantastic one, with awesome terrain and great models. I am working on this, though, so expect me to keep you posted on the latest developments!


So, all in all, it was a great year for the hobby in general and my personal hobby life in particular. I hope you enjoyed the Eternal Hunt Awards and my look at 2012! Here’s to 2013, then: May it be as productive as 2012! I wish you all a happy new year!

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

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