On my desk: a huge pile of rot

Well, not an actual pile of rot, of course. It’s more a figure of speech, really. But all in good time.

Anyway, maybe it’s due to Wednesday’s post on Terminators, maybe it’s due to cousin Andy messing around with a small Death Guard project lately, or maybe it’s just the general decay that comes with autumn and winter, but I have recently felt inspired to build and paint a follower of Nurgle, a Terminator, no less!

Granted, I’ve felt the urge to build a Nurgle Terminator before: Nurgle is obviously a huge draw for most converters, as it’s quite satisfying to model something that is truly disgusting. Plus there is quite a margin for errors, especially with GS work: If your GS job ends up lumpy and unwholesome, well, that was totally intentional of course šŸ˜‰

Seriously, though, building and painting Nurglite models can indeed be a lot of fun. I found out when I built a Plague Champion as part of my little Ruinous Powers mini series:

The Ruinous Powers - Nurgle (22)

So I sat down to kitbash a servant of Nurgle in Terminator armour. Interestingly enough, the result doesn’t quite fit the trademark, bloated Nurgle look. Still, this guy’s allegiance should still be pretty obvious. Take a look:

Nurgle Termie (2)Sorry for the pretty horrible photos, by the way. I was so eager to paint him that I couldn’t wait for daylight before photographing him in all his undercoated “glory”…

Nurgle Termie (4)
Nurgle Termie (5)As you can see, I gave the model a huge warscythe ( converted from the sorceror’s staff that comes with the Termie lord kit). This means that I’ll be able to use my Terminator as a Typhus stand-in, should I ever decide to run a couple of Death Guard legionaries. I also went for a dash of body horror, adding a twisted claw from the Possessed kit and some fleshy hooks from some Tyranid kit or other (mimicking the standard “trophy racks” on the back). And I still had a leftover facemask from the WFB plastic Nurgle lord, so even though I usually prefer my Termies with bare heads, the chance was just too good to pass over. I did use a Zombie head underneath though, to hint at something decayed and unpleasant under the mask.

I also tried something new when undercoating this guy, using brown paint instead of my usual Chaos Black (to tell you the truth, I actually used the fairly cheap brown spraypaint I usually reserve for spraying my terrain pieces. It worked out, though). While this had the side effect of making the undercoated model look like it was made from chocolate, it also saved me a ton of time when laying down the base colours.

As with my previous Death Guard model, I went for a very rusty, dilapidated look, with lots of decayed metal against a basecoat of dark, muddy green. And this is where the model stands at the moment:

Nurgle Termie (6)
Nurgle Termie (7)

Nurgle Termie (8)

Nurgle Termie (9)

Nurgle Termie (10)

The model is nowhere near finished of course, missing most of the highlights and weathering. I may also have to add a small skull to close the small gap on the left side of the model’s torso. And as you can see, I haven’t done anything on the weapon yet. But overall, I am quite pleased with the look of the model, especially how the fleshy parts contrast against the decayed armour.

Anway, expect to see more of this guy pretty soon!

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

4 Responses to “On my desk: a huge pile of rot”

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  2. Hey, what did you use for the scythe blade?

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