I already mentioned some time ago that for every painted World Eater in my army, there’s probably at least one unpainted one as well. So today I’d like to show you yet more WIP stuff: Let’s have a look at my Terminators.

I have been in love with Terminators as a unit type for a very long time, and this has nothing to do with their rules. There’s just something about these colossal, armoured behemoths that really clicks with me. And from a converter’s perspective, the added size compared to regular Marines offers lots of room for customisation, dramatic posing etc. Alas, the original metal Chaos Terminators were always a tad too expensive for my teenage self, back in the 90s, and by the time the new plastic Chaos Terminators came around in 2007, I was still on my hobby hiatus.

But when I returned to wargaming in 2010, a box of Terminators was a part of the first order I ever placed with GW, and the resulting squad was actually among the first things I built. Over time, I kept adding more models to the squad, since I wanted them to be a fitting retinue for my Chaos Lords. So here are pretty much all the Terminators I’ve come up with so far:

First up, a Terminator wielding a chainfist and a Combi-Melta:

As you can see, I added Khornate bunny ears to the model’s armour – a trait shared by pretty much all of my “regular” Terminators. On a related note, I am really glad that I didn’t break off all the weapon arms when the newly released codex said these guys could get either the combi-weapon or the special CC weapon. This oversight was fortunately corrected in the FAQ. Phew!

Here’s a Terminator with a Heavy Flamer. You know, for the “Burn!” in “Kill! Maim! Burn!”:

Funnily, this is also one of the few models actually wearing a Terminator helmet… In this case, it’s the one with the Rhinoceros like horn which I quite like.

And while we are on the subject of special weapons, here’s a Terminator with a Reaper Autocannon:

this model was actually converted from an AOBR loyal Terminator! I added some WFB Marauder shoulder pads to the Terminator’s knees to mask their loyal heritage…

This next model was built to be the squad’s champion:

Again, the model is armed with a chainfist andΒ  Combi-Melta. I used a leftover head from the FW Lord Zhufor kit to show this guy’s status as a champion.

And now, let me show you my favourite conversions in the squad:

This guy was also converted from an AOBR Termie — from the very model that came as a giveaway with WD when 5th edition was released, to be exact. When I built this guy in early 2010, I was quite proud of myself for figuring out that the chaos bitz could be combined with the loyal AOBR models. It’s surely been some time since then, and I like to imagine that my more recent conversions are quite a bit more ingenious. But this is where it started πŸ˜‰

Here’s my favourite detail about the model, though: When I built it, I didn’t have enough chaos shoulder pads. So I used a really old WFB skeleton as a stand-in on the model’s right arm. Take a look:

Pretty nifty, huh? πŸ˜‰

Then there’s this guy, also converted from an AOBR model, from the sergeant in fact.

I really went all out on this guy back then, adding lots of skull trophies, chains, some very nice Chaos Knight pauldrons, and all new weapons. The horns came from the “Khornate head” from the regular CSM kit. The Pteryges loincloth worn by the model fits with the gladiatorial look of the World Eaters rather nicely.

And finally, the squad’s (and company’s) standard bearer, brother Verak:

Since the model is carrying an icon (from the WFB Warriors of Chaos) in its right hand, I had to find a way to combine the bolter and power fist, so I built a little “DIY Talon of Horus” by adding regular Bolters and an ammo feed from an old CSM heavy Bolter to the fist. I also used a shaved down berzerker head as a stylised helmet for the model, showing its special status in the squad. Although this guy was one of the first conversions I did after getting back into the hobby, he still holds up rather nicely, doesn’t he?

Unfortunately, I have only managed to paint a single regular Terminator up until now. In fact, it was the first Terminator I ever painted (even before Isgarad and Torus, my first two Chaos Lords in Terminator armour). Here he is:

This was my test model for the squad, so you may be able to spot how I was still finding my feet painting Terminators. I’ll definitely need to drill out the barrels at some point, since they look rather horrible. The base will also have to be changed to reflect the current look of my bases, but apart from that, I think this guy works out alright.

The problem remains that these guys are quite a bit less fun to paint than they are to convert. While I am writing this, I am already considering a small squad of Terminators equipped with Lightning claws. Hmmm…

Anyway, that’s it for my WIP Terminators. If you have any C&C, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

6 Responses to “Termicide”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful conversion work… Very inspiring.

    You’re making me want to get on with the Khornate Chaos Space Marine force I’ve been putting off for so long.

    Although saying that, I’ve been wanting to get on with my Khorne dedicated Warriors of Chaos for fantasy, but I want them to have the helmet crests like the CSM.

    The only things I could think to use would be to buy berzerker heads online for the crests, make press-molds of some sort for just the crest pieces, or get ahold of lots of the heads from the juggernaut riders.

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more.

    • Thanks a lot, mate!

      As for the helmet crests: While the Skullcrusher helmets are beautiful pieces, the cost is quite steep. So unless you want to add a squad of Skullcrushers to your WFB anyway, I’d probably go for the berzerker heads. They are cheaply and readily available on ebay, the bitz sites, etc. If you want a Skullcrusher unit anyway, get the box, though, since it’s full of fantastic Khornate bitz!

  2. Gorgeous work, man! Love the use of all the various bits, they all work together beautifully.

    Love ’em!

  3. I have the same fascination with terminators. Although I rarely use more than 5 or so in a game, I have three squads already because I think they’re so cool. have you ever played “Space marine”? When the chaos lord in terminator armour comes out, you definitely get the feeling of how powerful and huge terminator armour is.

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