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Planning Chaos

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The new Codex: Chaos Space Marines has been with us for a while now, and I have spent quite some time browsing through it. It’s a beautiful book, to be sure, with all of the flexibility I liked about Gav Thorpe’s oft-maligned last edition codex coupled with some of the flavour everybody enjoyed about the 3.5 book. It also adds some new and quite individual selections that players can add to their force to make it more different from loyal Marines. It also murders a few darlings (*cough* champs with power fists *cough*), but that was to be expected. Granted, I couldn’t really tell you how thinks are looking on the tournament front, but then I couldn’t care less either: From a casual gamer’s perspective, there is a lot to like about the codex.

In any case, the new book has spurred chaos players the world over back into activity. And so I would like to use this post to try and collect my thoughts on the options before me and outline some of my next plans for my World Eaters:

I. The Fast

With assault becoming a little trickier in the new edition, fast units are now an even more interesting proposition.

The first way to make your army that much faster is the use of jump infantry, and considering my well-documented soft spot for Raptors as well as the fact that they received both a reduction in points as well as a spiffy new plastic kit, this is an avenue that I consider exploring to its fullest. So expect a closer look at the new Raptor/Warp Talon kit shortly!

And while we are on the subject of jump infantry, I finally managed to paint up one of my Raptor champions some time ago. Take a look:

As you can see, this guy was built with the tried and true tactics of 5th edition firmly in mind: I gave him a power fist to add a bit of oomph to a unit of tank killers. Alas, the new focus on issuing challenges means his weapon now makes him a less than optimal choice. Fortunately, I also have another champion wielding a pair of Lightning Claws — although that one yet has to be painted…

The other available option for more speed would be to add some bikes to my army. With a hefty reduction in points cost and a couple of nasty rules, bikes seem to be one of the  winners of the recent update. I wouldn’t even have to start from zero, since I already have three bikes that I picked up as part of a huge army deal some time last year. They are already converted and ready to be painted.

Here’s a (unfortunately quite fuzzy) impression of my converted Lord on bike:

Unfortunately, those three would need quite a few additional buddies to be truly effective. And while the option of getting into combat really fast does, of course, appeal to me, I feel a little apathetic about building and painting a lot of bikes — especially now that the box containing three of them is no longer available.
All in all, unless a cheap way of picking up several bikes presents itself, I think I’ll just wait a while to see whether any new models come along. It would be a shame to get lots of old bikes now only to have the new ones released right after that…

2.) The Furious

I really want to add some Daemon Engines to my army! And since I know my own lack of discipline, I used the Eleventh Throne of Skulls Painting/Converting Contest to help my resolve: You see, having won the last contest, I get to choose the next subject. So I chose Khornate Daemon Engines to basically force myself into building and painting one in the near future.

But which one to choose? Get the Heldrake kit and try to make it work visually? Or use a fiend, which looks much cooler out of the box, but is probably quite a bit more different to convert and individualise? Decisions, decisions…

Having spent quite some time thinking about what Daemon Engine to build, I took the easy way out:

Yeah, I know: A bit of an overkill, maybe. Let’s see how these guys shape up…

3.) The Negligible

Well, from an avid converter’s perspective, the award for the least interesting unit types goes to the Obliterators and to their more CC-oriented kin, the Mutilators. With the official models still so very ugly, I was actually rather stoked for a while at the prospect of converting my own version of the Mutilators, with a look more in line with my own aesthetic preferences. But seeing as the rules are just as lacklustre as the models, I have redirected my modelling efforts in this respect towards another project (see below).

4.) The Rest

First of all, I finally caved in: I am going to build a squad of World Eaters Havocs. There’s enough precedent in the older fluff for this (Teeth of Khorne, anyone?), and I will try my best to make them look great. Just you wait 😉

Ever since GW released the Vargheist/Crypt Horror kit I have been thinking of using it as conversion fodder for my World Eaters: I really like the lean, emaciated look of the models, and I think could be made to resemble Astartes that had become raging beasts. The resulting models could be used as Chaos spawn, since, even though I like the kit, I’m not a big fan of creepy crawly mutations). Anyway, I started building the models and then messed around with a couple of Minotaur bitz I still had lying around, and this was the result:

More on this as it develops…

And I am still happily plugging away at the remaining contents of the Dark Vengeance box: For instance, I worked some more on the models I already showed you some time ago.

This guy received some impromptu head surgery as an addition to the added icon.

I also wanted to change the look of the cultist wielding the flamer, and what better to use than a head sporting a gas mask?

He looks pretty similar to the Pyro now, don’t you think? 😉

Meanwhile, the head’s original owner received a replacement courtesy of the Crypt Ghoul kit. While the head is a rather nice fit, I’ll still need to use some GS to build up a neck portion.  I also added a new CC weapon, originally from the WFB Chaos Marauders. The weapon nicely fits the “repurposed tools” look, though.

The next guy also received a new head (from the WFB Empire flagellants) and yet another CC weapon:

You know things are really going to hell in a handbasket once people start using shovels as weapons…

I really didn’t want to cut off this guy’s head, seeing how that would have created a huge, damaged area to take care of. So I just added a Marauder shoulderpad and a small bayonet to his gun and called it a day. I am pretty confident that I’ll be able to make his paintjob look different enough from that of his “twin”, though.

Yet another headswap. In this case, it took a bit of work to make sure all the small cables to the side of the model’s head remained undamaged and were properly attached to the “new” body. The leftover head and body were then used to build this guy:

I also added another amour plate and a small chain dangling from the barrel of the autogun.

And finally, the second cultist champion:

I did a rather subtle conversion on the model’s right arm, replacing the original axe (and the hand holding it in a rather infuringly awkward way) with a weapon from the WFB Marauder Horsemen.

The left forearm was replaced with that of the other cultist champ. I think this guy with his disheveled zealot look looks rather convincing wielding a shotgun! The menacing clawed gauntlet went into the bitzbox for a future project.

And here’s the whole squad, basically ready for painting:

It has to be said that these guys are rather easy to convert: You can get some real variety by just swapping out a few weapons and heads and by adding the odd bit from another kit, like I did. And that’s not even counting the option of doing far more involved conversions (you can see some pretty great ones in this thread, over at GW Fanworld). I guess once these are all painted up, I’ll do a number of side by side comparison shots of the duplicates 😉

In addition to this, I have managed to amass quite a number of unpainted models in my cupboard of shame, among them…

  • a pretty sweet Lord on Juggernaut (that may admittedly be somewhat less original, now that the WFB Skullcrushers have been released…)
  • a squad of Chosen I built some time ago. While they may lack the fantastic detail of the Dark Vengeance Chosen, they are a rather nice fit for my army fluff.
  • a pretty big number of Chaos Terminators – expect a detailed post on these rather soon…
  • a couple of unpainted Lords, in keeping with my addiction to converting Chaos Lords.

Fortunately, the new codex has made none of these units any less viable — indeed, quite the opposite in some cases. So expect me to start working on some of those long time projects as well 😉

Last but not least, let me present you with some recent additions to my collection. Thanks to my fellow World Eater Khorga cleaning out his deep bitz box, I was able to purchase these:

First up is what may be my favourite metal World Eater ever. It’s hard to believe how crisp the detail on this guy looks, especially considering the model is from 1990! That’s vintage Jes Goodwin for you! It looks much cooler than some of the more recent metal World Eaters. In fact, my only nitpick would be the slightly hunched pose. Apart from that, this guy is damn near perfect!

Then there’s this guy:

That’s right, a complete Legion of the Damned Sergeant Centurius! Now I am a little torn about this model: Should I leave it as it is and paint it in its “intended” colours, or should I make it into a skull champion and induct it into the ranks of Khorne’s Eternal Hunt?

As you can see, I have a lot on my plate right now. So expect a slew of chaotic updates! Yay! And let me know your opinion in the comments section!

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

A public service announcement

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Hey everyone, let me just give you a small update on the current state of affairs:

Following the release of Codex: Chaos Space Marines, I’ve been ensnared in all kinds of hobby activities. Unfortunately, I have little to show for it (yet), but things are starting to come together rather nicely on several fronts, so I’ll soon be able to show you some results. Be advised, however, that I may be dropping the odd Friday update from the posting schedule for a while – nothing permanent, mind you, just for a few weeks to give me some breathing space, deal with some stressful RL issues and actually get something finished that can then be shown on this blog. And the content there is will still be quality content of course — or at least what passes for quality content around here 😉

It goes without saying that the new codex has reinvigorated my chaotic hobby activities, so expect to be seeing some Veterans of the Long War here very soon!

In other news, I am excited to report my first 30,000 views! Not front page material, I realise, but I am rather proud nonetheless. So thanks to everyone dropping by! Hope you can use the odd idea from this blog. And keep commenting, people, so I’m feeling less like I am talking to myself 😉

Right, and with that, have a great weekend! Normal service will resume on Wednesday.

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!