Huntmaster Torus

Right, after all the side projects, it’s finally time for a true World Eaters model again. Like many other chaos players, the release of the new codex has given me all kinds of ideas for additions to my army (more on those soon). For starters, let’s take a look at another officer of the 4th assault company!

I already told you that I quite enjoy building champions and characters for my different armies. And one of my favourite resources when doing so is the Chaos Lord in Terminator armour, a kit that comes with lots and lots of options and offers quite a bit of bang for the buck. I’ve already used the kit to buy several models, so when I received yet another as a gift quite some time ago, I was quick to get to work.

I didn’t want to repeat myself too much, though, so I thought about how I could differentiate the model from the last character in Terminator armour I had built. Here’s the result:

As you can see, the eye is instantly drawn to the model’s enormous axe — quite fitting for a servant of Khorne, I think! The weapon was built by combining a Minotaur axe head with the staff from the Chaos Lord kit. For the other hand, I decided to use a Lightning claw for no other reason than the “Rule of Cool”. Funnily enough, the model’s equipment could be almost called legal (if not very sensible) in the new edition. The axe could also probably work as an Axe of Blinding Fury from the new codex. The lightning claw came from the Space Wolves Terminators, by the way.

Most of the other parts are straight from the Chaos Lord kit, although I made a number of small changes. Chief among these is the addition of a Bloodletter “facemask” to the model’s breastplate: This came about due to my desire to come up with a somewhat more ornate armour for the model and was partly inspired by the design of Lord Nemeroth (the villain of the Space Marine video game) and by this older Chaos Lord in Terminator armour (I’ll still need to buy that one one of these days…).

I also added a cool chain with skulls and bones as well as a SW shoulder pad covered in fur to make the model look more like a hunter. With some final bitz and bobs, the model was finished.

When painting this guy, I went for my usual formula of red and bronze, with a very pale skin for contrast. I decided to paint the lightning claw in turquoise and add slight glow to the rune on the axe, in order to add some pop to the model. Here’s what I ended up with:

I have to say that I am pretty pleased with how the paintjob turned out. Here’s a couple of additional detail shots:

Shaving the Space Wolves iconography off the Lightning Claw left it looking a little barren. So I added a small icon of Khorne and another suitably chaotic pendant for decoration. I think it makes sense that a millennia old veteran of the Long War should wear all kinds of talismans and trinkets like that.

Here’s a look at the glowing rune on the axe head. I have to admit I am not 100% satisfied with the effect yet, so I may have to go back and touch up this particular part.

I added a damaged Space Marine helmet from the 40k basing set to the model’s base as a small detail. Adding some weathering and a spot of Tamiya Clear Red to the helmet made it clear that its owner hadn’t given it up willingly…

And with that, the model was complete. I rather like this guy’s composition: He looks pretty brutal and powerful, yet where Huntmaster Isgarad’s pose is aggressive  and dynamic, this guy’s rather relaxed pose is menacing in a “Let them come!” kind of way. And although adding the huge axe was really a spur of the moment idea, seeing the finished model made me think about what the model’s story was…

Huntmaster Torus, Taker of Skulls

Zegram Torus is an officer of Khorne’s Eternal Hunt, yet he does not command an arm of the company. A silent and solitary figure among his brethren, his task is more grim than any other, for he serves the 4th assault company as a Headsman. His work is twofold: He takes the heads of those legionaries who fall in battle, making sure their passage into Khorne’s own realm is paid. But he also hunts down those who have drawn the company’s ire: Traitors, cowards and tricksters — those beyond contempt and undeserving of an honourable death. Torus comes for them, and their lives are ended by the razor-sharp edge of his giant axe, Strafe.
Torus seldom speaks, and it is said that to hear his voice is to be close to death. His grim presence fills even his own brethren with unease. But his task is a necessary one and those whose heads he takes deserve their punishment.

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

4 Responses to “Huntmaster Torus”

  1. Very cool! That model just radiates menace!

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