Inquisitor 28: The Brothers Galth

One of the real joys about converting models for INQ28 is that you get to do truly crazy stuff that would probably never work in a “regular” 40k army. And all this happy experimentation is made even better by the fact that the fans of Inquisitor played at the 28mm scale are – by sheer necessity – a very creative bunch, usually heavily addicted to kitbashing and to cutting up models. It’s very fortunate that these people tend to convene on places like Dakka, The Conclave or The Ammobunker, thereby transforming these forums into endlessly bubbling fountains of dark, twisted creativity.

The model I would like to show you today was born due to a strange idea of mine, but it managed to grow and be realised by input from others, as a kind of collaborative effort, if you will. I only recently realised that I had never gotten around to posting the result of that effort here on Eternal Hunt, and that oversight is begging to be rectified, starting now:

The idea for this particular model hit me while converting the WFB plastic Nurgle Lord for my Traitor Guard. I still had some Ogre parts lying around, and by sheer coincidence my gaze fell on the little howdah that can be attached to an Ogre standard and serve as an elevated vantage point for a Gnoblar lookout. I’ve always loved that particular detail, but I never found any good use for the bitz, until I saw them next to the Nurgle model. Then I thought of a certain film, and I have to admit that a few fuzzy memories of a boss from a 90s PC game were involved as well, and everything just fell into place:

I wanted to convert the Nurgle Lord into a twist, a big bruiser, carrying around a smaller guy on his back. For the smaller twist, I would use the little howdah and fitting Gnoblar body. I wanted the result to be strange and a little whacky but also quite sinister and a bit disturbing, in keeping with the gothic madness of the background, as laid down by John Blanche. So I got another Nurgle Lord, gathered the bitz I wanted to use and got to work. Before I started cutting, though, I did some (pretty primitive) preparatory sketches:

I wanted the big guy to look really brutal and physically imposing, wielding a huge weapon, like a gatling gun or something of the like. It also became clear to me that these two would defintely be brothers: one huge and monstrous (and dumb as a log), while the other was small and twisted and wily. While the Gnoblar already model came with the right pose and build, I thought about what to add to the model to make it look just the right shade of demented:

From the start, I really wanted to add a top hat to the smaller twist, and maybe give him a tattered black frock coat to match. I had this image in my mind, of a devious and dangerously cunning twist, living in the underhive as an overseer and a bully (thanks to his brother’s considerable size), but thinking himself refined and intellectual. I also wanted to go for a look halfway between an undertaker and a voodoo priest, with just a dash of methodist preacher thrown in the mix (if that makes any sense to you). Only I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to pull it off…

Anyway, I did a first mockup of the two. Here’s what I ended up with:

The smaller brother was pretty much a Gnoblar with a Ghoul head at this point, while I added all kinds of bitz to the bigger brother to make him look less like a servant of Nurgle. To give credit where credit is due, Logan’s big mutant was a pretty big inspiration for me!
I used a head from the old chaos mutation sprue and a heavy weapon from the GK Terminators. It perfectly fit underneath the model’s enormous shoulderpad, without any need to explain how the weapon had been attached. I like to imagine it was just grafted onto the bigger brother’s left arm…

Anyway, this was just the first of many iterations of the model. In the following days, thanks to many suggestions by all the INQ28 aficionados on the aforementioned forums, the brothers finally took shape.

First of all, I tried to transform the smaller brother into the snappiest dresser in the underhive. Take a look:

I added a top hat (made of GS) and a small bow tie (carved off an old WFB Empire model). I also chose a different ghoul head with a much angrier expression, making it look like the smaller brother was shouting commands at his sibling.

For the bigger brother, it was just a matter of adding a couple of nice bits to round things out. Here’s what the finished build of the model looked like:

As you can see, I added a couple of doodads here and there for additional detail. The crude armoured gauntlet came from the WFB Ogre kit.

And here’s both of them together:

I originally suspected that the smaller brother’s pointing in a completely unrelated direction would end up looking strange, but it really enforces the impression that he is trying his best to get his dimwit brother to follow his command. What a nice coincidence ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I sat down to paint these guys in a number of sub-assemblies. First I worked on the smaller brother. The base colours were easily done:

I then used my usual recipe for somewhat sickly skin, which was a pretty nice fit for the rather rough look I wanted the brothers to have. I also took care to make his clothes look somewhat threadbare: He may consider himself to be a true gentleman, but he’s still a midget twist from the underhive, after all.

Here’s the finished smaller brother:

Next, I painted the his little. howdah. As you can see, it’s pretty much the original piece from the Ogre kit. I did add an Ogre gutplate, however, to cover up a WFB Empire shield…

…I also couldn’t help adding that bunny. You know you’re really dealing with bad people when they kill fluffy white bunnies…

Apart from that, I tried to make the howdah look like I had been crudely welded together from all kinds of scrap metal and other junk.

Then began working on the big brother:

That’s him with just the base colours painted on. After liberal use of washes and the addition of weathering effects, here’s what I ended up with:

As you can see, I used a ton of weathering effects on him to show how worn his equipment is. Here’s a detail shot of his (t)rusty gauntlet:

The Nurgle Lord is a fantastic model to paint, even if you choose to scrape off all the boils and pustules and cover the huge belly wound. The sculpt of the model is truly excellent, and it lends itself well to all kinds of painting techniques. This guy was a joy to paint!

And with that, all the sub-assemblies were completed! Here’s the finished model:

I really think these guys work rather well together. They are also just the right mix between whacky and disturbing, in my opinion.

As you can see, I also added a base to the brothers. Nothing to spectacular, though, since the model was already busy enough as it was. I used my trusted cork and combined it with a bit of brass grating from the 40k basing set. Here’s a detail shot:

And with that, my most complex INQ28 model to date was completed! All that was left to do was to write a piece of background about the brothers, as per my usual routine:

Augustus & Cluggan Galth, Bounty Hunters extraordinaire

Who can say where the Brothers Galth truly came from? All that is certain is that they worked as overseers in the slave pits underneath St. Sabasto’s Reach’s Hive Primus when Inquisitor Antrecht investigated rumours about a chaos taint within the world’s ruling class. He encountered them in that hellish place, and while Antrecht may have made some staunch allies during his stay in the slave pits, the Brothers Galth were not among them.

Cluggan Galth was a monster, an imposing slab of muscle, as immune to physical pain as he was to pangs of conscience, yet also dim-witted and simple. His brother Augustus – malformed and diminiutive in stature, but wily and cruel nonetheless – was the one to watch out for. He had clawed his way to the top of the underhive, due to his own devious machinations as much as through leaning on his brother’s physical prowess. But he wasn’t content with his standing and nursed ambitions far above his station.

All that came to an end when the results of Antrecht’s investigation deprived the planet of its elite: When the corrupt rulers of St. Sabasto’s Reach fell, the slave economy they had established was thrown into an uproar. And all that the Brothers Galth had worked so hard to attain was lost.

This could have been the end of their story, but Augustus had always been good at recognising opportunities. So when the lesser nobles houses began a struggle to fill the vacuum of power that had been left by the Inquisitorial purges, The Brothers Galth earned a new place for themselves, working as enforcers and bounty hunters for the world’s up and coming nobility. And even though their new employers may have found the twisted creatures distasteful, there was little question that the brothers got the job done every time.

Their service eventually earned them a writ from the new planetary governor, affording them all the rights of an Imperial citizen as well as free passage through the whole subsector. And so the Brothers Galth embarked upon a new journey, their single ambition to run down the Inquisitor whose deeds had cost them everything…


Like I said, finishing this model wouldn’t have been possible without the input of all the other INQ28 aficionados out there, so thanks a lot! Let me know what you think of the brothers in the comments section!

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

9 Responses to “Inquisitor 28: The Brothers Galth”

  1. That is AWESOME! I really, really dig it – great composition, and the color scheme is top notch. Love the fluff writeup as well – Fantastic work, man!

  2. Morbious and Mortarion Says:

    That little guy there just seems to fit perfectly in to the big guys size. Very nice work on them both. If I had to sum them up in a few words, “Diminutive and Dim-Wit” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Master Blaster, is that you?? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Awesome conversion, as usual, and a very good paint job on both of them. They work very well together.
    keep up the great work!

  4. KrautScientist Says:

    Thanks a lot, guys! Glad you like the two ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. […] Anyway, more on the Brothers Galth can be found here. […]

  6. freenator Says:

    That is some great work, mein Freund!

  7. Dominic Says:

    I wondered where the model for the axe head on ‘The Ruinous Powers: Decay’ went.

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