The Ruinous Powers – Wrath

You have seen three champions of the ruinous powers so far, but there is one more. This time on “The Ruinous Powers”: Wrath

Wrath is very much Khorne’s domain, of course. And you would think that building a suitable model would be the easiest thing in the world, right? Me being a Khorne player and all…

Well, quite the opposite, actually: This champion was easily the most difficult of the four. Maybe it’s because I have already blown all of my good ideas building my own World Eaters, maybe it’s precisely because I didn’t want to repeat myself too much. But coming up with a gameplan for this guy took me quite a while.

Looking and suitable archetpyes, Khorne is fairly straightforward: It was very clear that Khorne’s champion would have to be a specialist at close quarters combat. A gladiator of sorts would have been a good idea, …only I’ve already done that.

So I tried to build a World Eater that would fit in with the other models of Khorne’s Eternal Hunt, but would also look suitably impressive to hold up to the other three guys. The funniest part is that this model uses very few actual Khorne themed parts…but let’s take a look at the WIP first:

I experimented with lots of different weapons (I even considered a spear at some point, just to try something different from the usual stereotypes), but in the end I realised that chainweapons were really madatory here. So I went the full mile and gave the champion both a chainaxe and sword. The Mk IV torso (originally from the Black Templars sprue) and Space Wolf legs were a nice combination, making the model look suitably massive and slightly feral. I also added a bare arm to represent the World Eaters’ gladiatorial heritage.

Maybe the most important decision was which head to use. I refrained from using a bare head (as I am usually wont to do) or a helmet sporting Khornate “Bunny Ears” but went for the head of a FW Renegade Militia Enforcer. The stylised skull helmet adds a very sinister quality to the model, in my opinion. I also added an ornate pauldron (from the WFB Chaos Knights) and dangling skulls to ride the skull motif for all it was worth.

As expected, the model looked rather horrible after I had painted on the base colours. Fortunately, this was easily remedied by my usual routine of washing and highlighting. I stuck to my tried and true World Eaters’ recipe very closely, only straying from the beaten path in one instance: I chose to paint the model’s eyes a light blue rather than the usual green, since it simply made for a more striking contrast. Here’s the finished model, take  a look:

I added some blood on the chainaxe’s teeth and on the base below.

As you can see, the light blue colour really adds some pop to the model’s eyes.

I normally really don’t like to use the older Chaos backpacks: Generally speaking, they can be a chore to paint due to the fact that some of the detail keeps disappearing once it hits one of the packs edges. However, I still had a dedicated Khorne Berzerker backpack courtesy of Doombreed. It featured much crisper detail than the later iterations of this design, and it even had  a little icon of Khorne — what’s not to like? It also helped in giving the model a pretty interesting silhouette.

And, as usual, let’s finish our little tour with a detail shot of the base:

Well, if you expected a creative outburst here, I am sorry to disappoint you. But then, this guy is a World Eater, so it’s no wonder I would use a couple of skulls on his base… I rather like the skull on the right (a Dark Eldar trophy): It looks like it’s just about to be crushed by the World Eaters’ heavy boot.

And with that, the fourth of my dark champions was completed. All that remained were some words to go with the model:

Huntmaster Targon Kel, of the World Eaters Traitor Legion

While the battle lasts, that’s all there is.
That, and their lord’s unending thirst.
But off the battlefield, he thinks
Of them; The Carrion Emperor’s dogs
His soul’s ablaze with hatred then
He will not be a slave, a dog.
But a hunter of men
And a taker of skulls

Blood for the Blood God!
And skulls for his throne!


Four dark gods, four champions. We’ll wind up this series tomorrow, when we look at all of these sinister warriors together. Until then, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

2 Responses to “The Ruinous Powers – Wrath”

  1. That was definitely the right head to use. If you don’t mind me asking–what’s the large skull shoulder pad from? Is that just a terminator bit?

    • Thanks, mate! The shoulder pad is from the WFB Chaos Knights. The kit comes with a whole set of fantastic pauldrons, all of them also useable on both CSM and Chaos Terminators. Take a look at my converted World Eaters Terminators and Chaos Lords to see those pauldrons “in action”.

      The Chaos Knight kit may be one of the best kits for great chaos bitz that fit both power armoured models and Terminators. The only downside is that you always get the horses as well 😉

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