Gang of four

My recently discovered love for converting and painting Traitor Ogryns would not let me rest until the fourth member of the squad was completed, so this post will be about him.

After the last Ogryn (you know, the one with the tongue…) had been such a joy to build, I found myseld really psyched for the next model. Unfortunately, it was a bit harder to come up with yet another Ogryn without the whole thing ending up boring. The reason for this was that there is unfortunately very little diversity in the plastic Ogres: While there are lots and lots of cool bits, the kit just offers two bodies, and the positioning of the arms is very restricted.

So it took me a while to build the last squad member, but in the end I prevailed. Here’s what I came up with:

Once again, the head was quite difficult to get right: I used a helmeted Ogryn head and added some augmetic goggles. But that alone made the Ogryn look like some really flustered fat guy with glasses, so I added an Ork armour plate to give him a closed helmet once again.

I tried to combine various visual elements from the other squad members without duplicating them outright. So the Ogryn got the helmet and goggles and some armoured arms from the Ironguts kit while also sporting the armour plates and a strange tank grafted to his back. He ended up looking like a “missing” link between the first two models I built which is just what I had intended.

I really wanted to use the huge club from the Ironguts kit, since it looks like a truly improvised weapon. It took some time to get the pose right, but in the end, everything worked out rather nicely. I also added some bags to the model’s waist to make the area look less plain.

By this time, the recipe for the paintjob had been well established, so all I had to do was to follow it. This also allowed me to finish this guy in a little over two hours which is quite a feat for me. Here he is:

The Ogryn’a giant club was painted as if it was made from stone studded with rusty metal. I wanted to give it a really used look, which I think worked pretty well.

Looking back on it now, the gut plate looks a little too busy. Mabe I should have gone with something simpler there. I also managed to overlook a very noticeable moldline along the right hand. Sigh.

Apart from that, though, I quite like the result. And the best thing is that I now have a fourth member for my merry barbershop quartet. Take a look (click for a bigger picture):

These guys really look like they mean business, right?

I will probably add yet another Ogryn to bring the number of models in the squad up to five, but that will have to wait for a bit. Although I am already finding myself thinking of the next conversion in line…

Until then, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

4 Responses to “Gang of four”

  1. Roy Latarche Says:

    Nice job blends well with the group, love you’re ogre’s which you know.

    Although I do feel this one was not as good as the last 3, I do still like the overall look the gut plate was maybe the wrong choice and the mould line has let it down.

    The goggles and pipes I like and ties it well with the group, not overly sold on the Ork plate as it does kind of look stuck on.

    The paint job works once again which lifts the whole model, I don’t want you thinking I don’t like it because I do but feel it is not your strongest work to date.

    I have to ask his shoulder pads where are they from ?

    Great stuff overall and nice looking unit .

    • Thanks for the honest criticism, mate! I knew beforehand that it would be pretty hard to upstage the Ogryn with the mutated tongue and the gatling gun 😉

      All in all, I am rather pleased with him, though. Maybe I’ll replace the gut plate somewhere along the way, but I really feel the addition of the Ork plate as a facemask was a good decision.

      As for the shoulder pads: I cut those from a set of old rubber tires from a set of cheap, battery-driven toy cars my dad bought for my birthday party when I was a kid — true story! 😉

      The tires are very easy to cut, and the pieces really look like crudely stamped metal once they are painted. I imagine it would be pretty easy to find corresponding toy cars today, too. Might be worth a look 😉

  2. This is my first time stumbling across this squad in progress and I think they look great together. Every model in the squad can’t be the “coolest one” and as a whole they look outstanding. Good work!

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