Ringleaders of the tormentors

Now, the semi-cryptic Morrissey reference would have made much more sense if my small band of Traitor Guard were actually called “The Tormentors”, but oh well…

Anyway, I would like to show you yet more traitors today, and that’s where the ringleader part comes in: The old LNTD list allows you to field up to three Chaos Space Marine champions as a part of your traitor force. They are supposed to represent Chaos Space Marines that left their legions behind (or fallen loyal Space Marines for that matter), trying to build up their own forces. But when I started converting my traitors, I felt that I would prefer my Chaos champions to look more like they had once belonged to the same Imperial regiment as the rest of the force. Another advantage to this strategy would be that the models would be equally usable in different army lists (Chaos Champions in LNTD, officers in IG and Vraksian Renegade Militia). And I also figured that it might be a cool idea to build some champions that could be perceived to be aligned with a special Chaos God. In an overall undivided force, these would be leading squads pledged to a single god in battle. The overall theme of a rogue regiment of the Imperial Guard would remain intact, however. So with that in mind, I started converting my “ringleaders”. Here’s what I did.

The first model simply sprang from the desire to convert the WFB plastic Nurgle Lord – it’s just such a cool model that I simply couldn’t resist. Cameron’s fantastic Renegade Sergeant was also a tremendous inspiration! Even though I stayed closer to the original model in my conversion, it really didn’t take a lot to “40k-ify” the model. This is a WIP shot:

Basically all I did was to change his weapons and add a couple of bits and bobs: Instead of a two-handed axe, I used a Bolt Pistol (from the Khorne Berzerkers) and a vicious looking weapon from the WFB Chaos Knights. I had to add a bit of greenstuff to the wound where the axe handle normally rests across his belly, but apart from that, it was a fairly easy kitbash. I also added a slightly converted CSM backpack, some cabling and an electrical coil to make him look less medieval.

When painting him up, I eschewed the standard Nurgle scheme of greens and browns in favour of using my “regular” traitor colour scheme, because I wanted to tie him in with the rest of the force. I then went back and added all kinds of rust and weathering effects to represent the rot and corruption that is so typical of servants of Nurgle. Here’s the finished model:

Not only is the plastic Nurgle Lord a fantastic model, it’s also a huge amount of fun to make the paintjob go as disgusting as possible! I added some nasty yellow pustules and used gloss varnish to make his open wounds and sores look all the more horrible. But while the model clearly reads as a champion of Nurgle, he still shares the same colours as my other traitors.

As for a suitable retinue, I am thinking about a “Chem-Squad” of some sort, a unit of trenchers with gas masks, sporting a look between medieval and World War I. I am still looking for the perfect recipe, although the models will probably be based on Bretonnian Men-at-arms, taking inspiration from Dave Taylor’s fantastic “Genswick Rifles”. All in due time…

For the time being, I contented myself with building a second officer for my Traitor Guard. Here he is:

As look at the severed heads might tell you, this guy is pledged to Khorne. I didn’t want him to look too similar to a World Eater though, so I went for something a bit more subdued.

The basic model consists of the torso of the new WFB plastic chaos wizard combined with the legs from an old plastic Goliath ganger from Necromunda. I added a bare arm from the Gor kit and a chainsword arm from the normal Chaos Space Marines. The scarred head came from the Cadian command squad and was a perfect fit.

Once again, the paintjob uses the same colours as the rest of the traitors. I must say it was quite a nice change to be painting a follower of Khorne with very little red.
This guy could eventually end up leading a squad of beastmen or something of the like. But he also makes a rather nice “normal” traitor officer.

That leaves only Tzeentch and Slaanesh, although I already have a couple of ideas…

In the meantime, let’s take a look at the bigger picture: All in all, I am rather pleased with the development of my small Traitor Guard force! As of this post, here’s where the army’s at (click for a bigger picture):

The command squad and one squad of traitors are complete. The Ogryns are playable (althoug I’ll add at least one more model to the squad). I also have a number of additional champions. Another squad of traitors as well as a mysterious transport vehicle have been built but have yet to be painted. Like I said, a squad of creepy, faceless WWI-esque trenchers would be nice, and maybe there’ll be a squad of beastmen or a full blown Leman Russ at some point? Or a couple of heavy weapons teams? Or cavalry? Whatever’s fun to build and paint, I guess! With the rules for allies, I can actually use these guys even without having a fully rounded out force. I also really don’t give a hoot about their power on the table. For me, it’s usually enough that they look the part.

Let me know what you think in the comments section. As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

11 Responses to “Ringleaders of the tormentors”

  1. Roy Latarche Says:

    Once again great choice of components, this guy looks really bad ass and has that chaotic barbarian feel to it (which you have achieved so well) great job.

    The paint work is spot on with your great style, another great traitor added to the battle field of massacre.

  2. Awesome! Absolutely awesome. Darn it man, you’ve got me wanting to do a traitor guard army now. Must… Resist…!

    The new additions are really cool, I love all the little additions you made to the Nurgle-y one, and the second officer is an absolutely brilliant use of bits. Bravo!

    • Whoa there, buddy! Finish your Mechanicus army first and don’t go getting any crazy ideas πŸ˜‰

      Honestly, though, thanks a lot, Mordian7th! I’m glad you like the models, especially the second one that was mostly built using scrap parts πŸ˜‰

  3. Despite covering yourself and your readers in a slimy film of your decay you managed to clean yourself up. Not only that but you were once again seen in your Sunday Best. Hope you don;t mind the shout out. Cheers and thanks for sharing.

  4. Very nice. I always love seeing new versions of this model. It is one of my favorite GW plastics. I have another one sitting in my desk waiting for a conversion idea. Thanks for the shout out! I’ve really been enjoying seeing your collection develop.

  5. Thanks a lot, guys! πŸ˜‰

  6. LuckyNo.5 Says:

    Love the champion, especially the use of some old bits for the bolter. Great work as always!

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