Six months of eternal hunting

This post marks the six month anniversary of my blog. While this may not be a particularly long time in the greater universal scheme, I am still quite proud to have reached this first milestone. A few words, if I may:

Numbers and fun facts

  • I managed to churn out 50 posts in the last six months (this is no. 51), with most of them actually featuring some kind of conversion or paintjob. Considering my rather spotty working discipline, that’s quite a feat!
  • I managed to rack up a little more than 6,500 views. Huzzah! What’s more, there’s a steady trickle of comments coming in, so I no longer feel like I am talking to myself all the time. Still, there can never be enough feedback, so speak up, people!
  • I ‘ve managed to get in touch with lots of very talented artists and extremely dedicated bloggers. This was maybe the most fun, as people I had worshipped as “hobby deities” started commenting over here or replied to comments I made on their blogs. Blogging helped me to become a part of this community and to get in contact with some great people: Ron from FTW, Commissar Molotov and the INQ28 gang over at the Ammobunker, Col. Shofer, Cameron, the Spiky Rat Pack, Miniature Tim, Morbäck, HOTpanda and Mordian 7th, to name just a few. That was awesome!
  • People from as many as 68 different countries around the globe visited this blog. That was really quite a surprise for me, but you’re all quite welcome! The more, the merrier, I say! I just hope that you didn’t merely stumble on this by accident while you were actually looking for something worthwile to read…
  • I managed to get my English in working order again. While this was basically the “grownup” pretext for me blogging about toy soldiers, it’s still really nice to see that I am now much more fluent at expressing my thoughts in a foreign language than I was six months ago, the odd grammar hiccup here and there notwithstanding. So if what I write still doesn’t make any sense to you, rest assured that it would probably be just as garbled in my native German.
  • blogging did indeed help me to continuously keep working on my hobby projects. The necessity of producing content for this blog acts as a pretty effective incentive for getting stuff done. Then again, blogging is quite a lot of work, so I guess it all balances out in the end. But like I said,  it’s great to be part of a larger community of hobbyists instead of only fiddling about in the mancave without any external input.


This blog definitely doesn’t function in a vacuum, so I feel that some thanks are in order. So thank you very much…

  • …to all the people reading this blog: seeing that people are interested in stuff I do constitutes a – sometimes much needed – boost to keep me hanging on during more stressful times.
  • …to this blog’s followers: you guys are obviously even more awesome than the readers
  • …to all the people linking to this blog or commenting, helping me to conquer the blogosphere one hashtag at a time
  • …to all the commenters on my threads at Dakka, the Ammobunker, Throne of Skulls and GW Fanworld, for basically all the same reasons.
  • …and of course to my dear cousin Andy for fanning anew the flames of my old addiction and for repeatedly handing me my ass at 40k and of course for serving as an nearly unlimited repository of obscure plastic bitz from time to time


So where do we go from here? The Eternal Hunt can obviously never be finished, so it’ll all keep going, I guess. Here’s a little gameplan for you:

  • more content: It goes without saying that I will keep producing content for this blog. Some of it might even be interesting! While it may not always be possible to stick to the posting schedule of twice a week during more stressful times, there will be something new every once in a while; That much I can promise you.
  • new projects: Of course there’ll be new hobby projects too, be it terrain or new models. Actually, I’ll post a whole new army project of mine soon-ish — as if I didn’t already have enough on my plate, right?
  • new series: I’ll also be tackling the occasional new series, for example the tentatively titled “Totally worth it”, where I’ll be speaking about hidden wargaming gems, lost tabletop treasures and underappreciated classic — according to me, that is. I’ll also be throwing in the odd anecdote from my clumsy adventures in wargaming, of course.
  • more games: Coming mainly from the converting and kitbashing side of the hobby spectrum, the actual gaming sometimes tends to feel like an afterthought to me: Sure, it’s actually giving you something to do with all those little plastic men, but there are days when 40k just feels bothersome, glacially slow and counterintuitive. But then, there are sometimes moments of pure clarity, where everything just clicks and your army comes alive on the tabletop, and you are inspired for days or even weeks to come, writing fluff or doing conversions to honour those moments. I guess I’ll have to put more games in, in the pursuit of those rare, elusive moments of perfection.
  • more World Eaters: Showcasing the work on my World Eaters army, Khorne’s Eternal Hunt, was what spurred me into action in the first place, so you may rest assured that a sizable portion of this blog will always be dedicated to the warriors of the XIIth Astartes legion — however, that means that I’ll also have to buckle up and actually paint more of the guys. Quite a task, seeing how my cupboard of shame is getting bigger and bigger, especially concerning my World Eaters.

But let’s wind up this post on an uplifting note, shall we? I’ll just show you a picture of all the World Eaters models that I actually managed to get painted. Here they are:

There’ll be more shortly. Until then, as always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more! I’d be honoured if you all joined me for the next six months of eternal hunting 😉

3 Responses to “Six months of eternal hunting”

  1. Congrats on the 6 month mark! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, it’s been chock full of great hobby stuff – I really like the army shot, that’s a brutal looking force. Keep up the great work!

  2. […] recently promised you more projects, so here’s a look at a new army project of mine. I know what you’re […]

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