Huntmaster Isgarad

Say about the new 40k rules what you want: One change I as a World Eaters player can only applaud is the addition of challenges. It’s easy to see why I might be in favour of this: It’s a cool way of adding cinematic moments to a game, and it’s also something that fits my army’s fluff rather nicely. It’s also a rather nice throwback to my own Warhammer Fantasy times of yore. In fact, cousin Andy and me sometimes threw in duels between our generals when we felt like it, even when the rules did not yet officially allow it.

But if you want to have warlords and duels and all that, you really need a model who looks like it could pull its own weight, right? Wouldn’t want to get caught in a challenge with a model that looks unimpressive. Well, by lucky chance, I had built the right guy for the jobsome time ago and painted himt just in time for 6th edition…

First of all, let me say that the Chaos Lord in Terminator armour is easily one of my favourite plastic kits. It’s full of options, it delivers quite a bit of bang for the buck, and it’s easy enough to add some extra variety to the kit with the addition of stuff from your bitzbox. So I am not ashamed to say that I already built several of those Termie lords — all I can say in my defense is that it’s a lot of fun — much more fun than painting them, unfortunately!

That said, some time ago, I felt that I had to built a truly intimidating model for my World Eaters. So I cracked open a brand new Termie lord kit, gathered a couple of additional bits and got to work. I wanted the model to look like a truly accomplished warrior of the 12th Astartes legion. I also wanted to add a certain amount of dynamism to the model, making it look like it was in the midst of battle. And I wanted to add some decorative bits to show that this guy is not just some run of the mill Chaos Terminator. Here’s what I ended up with:

As you can see, most of the parts are from the Termie lord kit. I added a Bloodletter sword as his primary weapon and built his sword arm from a Terminator arm, a Chaos Knight forearm and the sword itself. I also gave him a power fist, just because it looked cool. I added a Chaos Marauder shield to his fist as some kind of combat shield. This type of shield is also a recurring visual motif in my army. Parts of a Marauder standard were used to build a crest for his head to represent a more individualised type of the classic Khornate “bunny ears”. I also used shoulderpads from the Chaos Knight kit to make his armour look like it was a special design.

His head is from the loyal Assault Terminators, although it definitely looks suitably angry for a World Eater. And of course I added some skulls to his amour and used them to emphasise a sense of movement. I also planned to base him using one of the very nice resin bases from the GW 40k basing kit.

I was really pleased with the conversion, since the model has a really dynamic pose and looks like it’s in the middle of a fight – or a duel, as it were.

I was a little afraid of actually painting this guy, to tell you the truth. I like this model a lot, so I was apprehensive of the possibility of screwing up the paintjob, so I put off having to paint him for quite a while. In the end, my curiosity got the better of me though, so one warm afternoon, I got to work. And fortunately, my trusted colour recipe didn’t let me down. Neither did my – sometimes a little spotty – talent for painting. What a relief!

Here’s the completed model:

However, the base did pose a bit of a problem: The resin bases, although very nice, are slightly larger than the standard Termie base for some reason. This left me with three options: Use the resin base on top of a Termie base and have it look goofy. Use it without the Termie base and have it look unfinished. Or build my own base.

So instead I looked at the elements that I really liked (the banner pole from a Space Marine officer, trampled underfoot) and tried to recreate a similar base with cork and stuff from my bitzbox. I also added a really cool resin skull (once again courtesy of Doombreed). Here’s two detail shots of the base:

It may not be as great as the resin base, but I think it’s a fairly close approximation. And it actually has the right size. I’d really like to know which rocket scientist decided to make the resin bases just slightly too big… Or am I missing something important here?

Anyway, I am mighty pleased with how this model turned out! I think he looks really intimidating, like he would be a beast to face in battle. Just right for an officer of Khorne’s Eternal Hunt.

All that’s left is to come up with some background, so that Huntmaster Isgarad may take his rightful place amongst Lorimar’s Chosen. I’ll keep you updated. Until then, let’s have a little scale shot with a normal World Eater. The Huntmaster is quite a big guy:

Alright, then, let the dueling season begin. I, for one, am ready 😉

Let me know what you think in the comments section. As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

11 Responses to “Huntmaster Isgarad”

  1. Holy smokes! That is flippin’ brilliant! Absolutely love how that’s turned out – keep up the fantastic work!

  2. how did you paint the skin on The Huntmanster? It looks fabulous.

    • Thanks, buddy! It’s really just a minor variation of my Traitor Guard recipe: I still use GW Dheneb Stone as a base colour, then wash liberally with GW Badab Black. Then I accentuate the brow, nose, cheekbones etc. with the original Dheneb Stone. Easy as that 😉

      Seeing as the old GW paints are no longer available, using Rakarth Flesh as a base and Armypainter Dark Tone Ink (or even GW Nuln Oil) as a wash should yield practically identical results.

  3. The Huntsman packs one hell of a punch and so do you. As such I had no choice but to feature you on my weekly themed top-x. I’m hope you don’t mind the shout out. Cheers.

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