Inquisitor 28: Twist sniper Elias Cobb

The model I want to talk about today is easily one of my favourites in Inquisitor Antrecht’s retinue. It is also one of the simplest models with regard to its conversion and the paintjob.

Everything started when I stumbled upon QOrbin’s work over on Dakka and his own blog: He had the great idea of using the little Gnoblar models that come as extras with the various Ogre kits to build all kinds of twists and mutants for his Inquisimunda gang. An especially great model of his used one of the Gnoblars as a a basis for a Gollum-like hillbilly mutant. You can see it here.

I was instantly fascinated by this idea! Those little Gnoblars are full of character, but they never seemed all that useful to me, not being an Ogre player and all. And even some actual Ogre players keep chucking them out because they don’t know what to do with them. But the idea of converting them into twists with the addition of just a couple of bits was sheer genius! And I even had some of them lying around, so I had to try it right away.

I wanted to build a twist serving as a spy and tracker for Antrecht. His physique would allow him to move through twist settlements and places like underhives without attracting unwanted attention, while his diminutive stature who would also make him fit into the smallest nooks and crannies. The Gnoblar model from the Ironguts kit QOrbin had used seemed to be just the right choice for that. So after a bit of cutting and glueing, the model was completed:

As you can see, the core model remains fairly unchanged. I just carved away the hammer carried by the model and replaced it with a sniper rifle, made from a Kroot rifle and some bits. I also added a Crypt Ghoul head with a respirator. I wanted to keep the strange spear jutting from the model’s backpack, but it needed some purpose. So in order to invoke a bit of the “Blanchian” style once again, I added some kind of parchment. It could be some religious writing, or perhaps Antrecht has gifted his servant with a writ as proof of his employment with the Holy Ordos of the Inquisition (or of his humanity — think Nobby Nobbs…), so the mutant won’t be captured and carted off to a Promethium mine somewhere. I think it’s fun to add bits that are a bit ambiguous to a model. It can be interesting for the viewer to figure out what might be their purpose, and sometimes they even lead to interesting narrative elements.

The paintjob was a fairly quick affair as well: I used my tried and true combination of pale skin and muted greens and browns, contrasted by a few accents. I also used his base to elevate him a bit, so he wouldn’t look too small on the table. I rather like his paintjob, even though it was quite simple. It’s a nice example of what the judicious use of washes can achieve!

I felt the model would have to function as some kind of sniper: His frail physique should make a more combat-oriented approach fairly improbable. I also imagine he is quite good at climbing and squeezing into tight corners, so that should help his career as a sniper as well.

To add a – wait for it – little twist to the character, I wanted him to be a devout follower of the Imperial Creed. I think it’s a nice piece of irony that he would believe with all his heart in a religion that condemns him and his peers as unclean abominations and undesirables…
So, with that in mind, I sat down to write a piece of background for him:

Twist Sniper Elias Cobb

Elias Cobb was born into this world sickly and malformed, a victim of the polluted environment in the lower levels of Hive Primus on St. Sabasto’s Reach. His mother must have abandoned him out of shame, for he was found on the doorstep of the “Emperor’s Angels Orphanage” by Corwyn Helsrich, a priest looking after the orphaned children of the Hive’s Alestius sector. Helsrich was a grizzled veteran of the Imperial Guard, a hard but just man, whose time on the battlefields of the galaxy had taught him much about the best and worst mankind had to offer. He had developed the view that humanity and purity could sometimes be found in the strangest places, and so he took in the young twist child where any other priest would probably have left it to die.

In the following years, Elias was raised by the priest to be his assistant, making himself useful around the orphanage. Under Helsrich’s tutelage, he also grew to be a devout follower of the Imperial Creed, thanking the God Emperor every day for the gift of life he had been given in spite of his impurity. And thus the story of Elias Cobb could have ended with the young man eking out a simple but content existence in the lower levels of the hive. Alas, it was not to be.

Elias’ life changed when the local Church of Redemption’s acolytes burned down the orphanage and all the souls within while he was away running errands. The zealots had been watching the priest and his mutant protegé for some time, and Helsrich’s tolerance had attracted their ire. So the only life Elias had ever known went up in flames, and his chance at redemption in service to the God Emperor was seemingly lost along with it.

Inconsolable, Elias let himself drift through the underhive and became an easy prey for the slavers. He was captured and brought to the slave pits. And there, his life would have ended, if fate had not intervened yet again: Inquisitor Antrecht came upon the young twist in the underhive’s work camps and enlisted his help in exposing the slavers of the Hive’s Circus Imperialis as heretics. And once the cult was extinguished, Antrecht offered the young twist a permanent place in his retinue.

Of all of Antrecht’s henchmen, Elias Cobb is without a doubt the most unquestioningly loyal one, for he sees the Inquisitor as his saviour. He has shown great talent as a sniper and tracker and serves Antrecht with all his heart. Still a devout believer in the teachings of the Ecclesiarchy, Elias feels that his work for the Inquisition is a way of atoning for his sin of being born a mutant.


As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

5 Responses to “Inquisitor 28: Twist sniper Elias Cobb”

  1. Very cool! I really like how the model turned out, and the fluff you’ve written up is excellent – keep up the great work!

  2. Great model. I’ve looked at doing something similar with gretchin bodies. The ghoul head really works well. I might make a similar model soon. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Cameron! I’ve also been thinking of getting the plastic Grotmob for a while now in order to have even more options of converting twists 😉 In any case, the Ghoul kit is a fantastic source for your twist conversion needs. I highly recommend it!

  3. […] just sounded right for the character. I don’t know. In any case, the model and its background previously appeared on this […]

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