On the Hot Dust…

One of the things that define the background of the World Eaters is their Primarch’s background as a gladiator. Angron was raised in an arena and thus learned to respect only strength and prowess in battle: Only those who had proven themselves in the arena – “on the hot dust” – were worthy of Angron’s respect, as his captains learned to their detriment when they first met their Primarch…

All of this is explored in Mathew Farrers very nice short story “After De’shea” (which is unfortunately hidden away at the tail end of the slightly underwhelming “Tales of Heresy” collection of short stories). “After De’shea” does a great job of humanising Angron beyond his image of perpetual anger and frenzy. It is also one of the few sources of actually interesting background for the legion (as an aside, for an interesting perspective on the story, check out Matthew Farrer’s blog – preferably after having read “After De’shea”).

Anyway, having read the story, I wanted to build a model that channeled the gladiatorial traditions that Angron taught his legion. I wanted to build a true champion of the hot dust. A kitbash later, here’s what I ended up with:

The model is a fairly simple conversion: I wanted it to look suitably gladiatorial, and I had wanted to build a Marine with a “bare” torso for quite some time. All it took was the right selection of bits: The model uses the legs of a Khorne Berzerker and the torso of a WFB Chaos Marauder. The left arm is from the WFB Bestigor standard bearer. It was crucial to have one arm still armoured, so I used a regular CSM arm and a Khorne-themed shoulderpad. The sword is from the WFB Warriors of Chaos. And finally, the part that really made the model: The head is a Grey Knights head, although it looks like it was made for a World Eater. The bulky implants on the back of the head are ideal to represent the “Butcher’s Nails”, and the expression of anger mixed with disdain is a perfect fit for a true arena champion.

I also used a tabard from the Thousand Sons conversion kit with an added skull trophy. I didn’t use a backpack, since that would just have ruined the model’s silhouette, in my opinion.

The paintjob was a fairly straightforward affair as well — I just used my normal World Eaters recipe. However, the model obviously has more bare skin than my usual World Eaters which makes for an interesting colour contrast.

Here’s the finished model:

I am rather fond of him, if I do say so myself. I think he really gets the point across, looking like a true gladiator should. I didn’t build this model with an actual function in mind, although I guess he would make a rather nice Skull Champion for one of my Berzerker squads. Maybe I’ll even build some friends for him, so I have a small squad of World Eaters gladiators. Hmmm… I guess I’ll postpone that decision until the new book hits – there have been rumours of some gladiatorial unit or other for the World Eaters, after all…

To wrap up this post, here he is once again, posing in front of some killer terrain at the FLGS:

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

6 Responses to “On the Hot Dust…”

  1. Nice one! I really like how that turned out – the use of the GK head is inspired – I’ll have to dig some of those up for my own World Eaters. Keep up the great work!

    • Hmm, I can see how the idea might be of use to you, seeing how you’re up to your nose in World Eaters yourself at the moment πŸ˜‰

      Anyway, thanks for the kind words!

  2. Great conversion! I too like the use of the GK head on this guys as well.
    Ron, FTW

    • Thanks, Ron. It’s a bit of a mystery why GW keeps hiding great heads for World Eaters in the most unlikely places, so it always pays to be on the lookout πŸ˜‰

  3. […] Looking and suitable archetpyes, Khorne is fairly straightforward: It was very clear that Khorne’s champion would have to be a specialist at close quarters combat. A gladiator of sorts would have been a good idea, …only I’ve already done that. […]

  4. […] models channelling the gladiatorial origins of the World Eaters: Everything started in 2012 with a first test model, then a second gladiator, resembling a particular, very angry video game character, followed about […]

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