Inquisitor 28: The Mandalorian

Right, a smallish update about one of my less serious attempts at character creation for Inquisitor 28. Here’s “The Mandalorian”:

It’s really not that hard to guess who this guy is based on. It’s also not a very original idea: There’s lots of Boba Fett conversions all over the net, and many of them are much cooler than mine! I stumbled upon some of them and felt the ambition to build my own version. And that was it, I simply had to try it!

He’s a pretty easy kitbash too: I used legs from the Chaos Marauders, a Cadian torso, some old CSM arms and a helmet from the Khorne Berzerkers with the “bunny ears” clipped off. Then I added a couple of accessories from the Kroot kit. His pistol was spliced together from an old Boltpistol and the shaft of an old WFB Chaos Warrior halberd.

Since he’s more or less a fun project, I didn’t really envision him as a character the way I did with the other members of Antrecht’s retinue. I just thought that he’d make a cool enough Bounty Hunter. And the original Boba Fett’s freelancer attitude fit with Antrecht’s outlook quite nicely, so he became a member of this particular family.

However, after a bit of thought, a couple of ideas how to insert him into “official” 40k lore presented themselves:

Bounty Hunter “The Mandalorian”

Not much is known about the mysterious figure frequently accompanying Lazarus Antrecht on his more “colourful” outings. He is a Bounty Hunter, that much is clear. A sellsword to be sure. And, without any doubt, a professional. Few have seen him without his trademark suit of battered armour of an unknown provenience. However, those who have managed to catch a glimpse of his features and body maintain that his skin is a milky white, making him look more like a ghost than a man.Whether this strange feature is caused by his habit of always covering his body or is the product of something more sinister seems impossible to ascertain. Some whisper about an army created from the genestock of the Imperium’s greatest, a force of Albino warriors surrounded by misfortune and secrecy. And while no one would ever openly confront the Mandalorian with these rumours, there is a name that follows him wherever he goes, a whisper, passing through the shadows: “Afriel”…

Right, I guess that’s all there is to him. As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

3 Responses to “Inquisitor 28: The Mandalorian”

  1. Hi Eternal Hunt !

    A little message you tell you you’re blog is marvelous, with plenty of projects and ideas… And I’m crazy about your boba, he’s very cool !

    I made a Jango Fett, you can see him here if you want πŸ˜‰

    Thank you to share your passion on this blog.
    And happy new year πŸ˜‰

    Alskayer, from the Manufactorum.

  2. […] The model was started as a fun experiment after I had seen several Boba Fett kitbashes online — plus I realised that one of the old Khorne Berzerker helmets already had the perfect Mandalorian look πŸ˜‰ After building the model, I actually turned it into a member of Inquisitor Antrecht’s INQ28 warband, and even came up with a tongue in cheek background vignette for the character. […]

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