Huntmaster Charun done

Here’s a look at the finished Chaos Lord and all-around nice guy Huntmaster Charun, Master of the Harriers. I painted him according to my standard World Eaters recipe. However, I added a little pop to his sword by using my favourite colour ever, Vallejo’s Halcon Milenario Turquoise. Quite fitting for a daemon weapon of Khorne (and a nice contrast to his armour), I think.

I also finally added the Maxmini jump pack to the model. Fortunately, everything fit together quite nicely. I had to weigh down the base by glueing in a coin, though, to prevent the model from toppling over all the time.

All in all, I’m rather pleased with the model. I think the paintjob really brings him to life. Incidentally, the first game I ever used him in (battle report here) really transformed him from a playing piece into a character.

Lord Charun, Master of the Harriers

Charun is the commander of the 4th assault company’s corps of jump infantry, the “Harriers”. For these warriors, the hunt from the sky is the ultimate thrill. In battle, they try to reach the enemy lines as quickly as possible, the howling sound of their jump packs driving fear into the hearts of their opponents. The Harriers are wild and proud warriors, and first among their number is Huntmaster Charun.

Where his fellow officer Bardolf is purposeful and taciturn, Charun is mercurial and haughty, and sometimes arrogant to a fault. In battle, the thrill of the hunt sometimes threatens to overpower him, and while it turns him into a warrior without match, there are those in the company who fear that Charun is too far gone already, as much a danger to his allies as to his enemies.

Few would dare utter such words to his face though, lest they face his wrath. Singing daemon weapon in hand and murder in his gaze, the Master of the Harriers is a frightening sight to friends and enemies alike.

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

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